April 10, 2007


Posted in *cringe*, The WTF at 8:40 am by Dagny Taggart

We all make mistakes
For instance, I mistook
You for a vertebrate.

I own this book.  It sits in a place of pride on my coffee table, next to this one

So remember when I said I was feeling overwhelmed?  That’s not changed, and it’s all because I’ve been a bit of a pushover.  Well, and because I should know by now that even if I get to spend most of a lovely weekend with my Sibling Extraordinaire, those last few minutes with my auditor will go pretty far in restoring my stress levels to an unfortunately elevated condition.  So that plan didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped.

A certain emporer posted about women who don’t make time for their dating lives.  What about women who don’t make time for themselves?  If women who don’t give themselves time to date end up alone, what happens to anyone who doesn’t give herself time to just… be?

I’m not real eager to find out.

Another sage fellow recently discussed his need to “just be”.  Though my reasons are different, the sentiment is the same.  I need a breather.  To get that breather, I need a spine.  Possibly some barbs.  It might be time to get prickly – I just hope I can be good at it.  I’m not trying to be a bigger bitch than anyone, as it’s not really my style, so I can only hope that the people that matter will be understanding about the whole thing.



  1. See, I’ve been trying to get you to embrace your inner-bitch since we met, it is your right after all. The “inner-bitch” even gets around the standard social mores that generally scoff at this behavior, it’s just entitlement and should be treated as such. The other forms of bitch* that are indigenous to DC and seem to over populate it, are frowned upon however, they’re just “frontin”…as other Urban-ologist such as myself like to say.

    Look most girls hate you anyway, might as well give them a reason. Have fun with it.

    *The Inadvertent
    The Uppity
    The Intentional
    The Power
    The Sassy(includes gay guys)
    The Foreign
    The Corporate ect ect ect

  2. MW: There are those who might argue that “The Entitled” should be added to the lexicon of your undesirables, but I take your point, I think 😀

  3. Lisa said,

    I was raised to try to make people happy, and it used to be that whenever people I liked asked me for my time (guys, friends, family), I tended to give it. Except that then I would always wind up with no ME time, exhausted and resentful and a little crazy. Smart of you to recognize. It’s hard to say no to dates (They’re fun! So why would you say no?!) just to spend time by yourself, but it’s so important to do so.

  4. Lisa: Thanks! I figure most people would prefer fewer activities with a more stable me, than more dates with my inner grouch. 🙂

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