April 26, 2007


Posted in nutella, Present, The Where, The Who at 7:56 am by Dagny Taggart

I didn’t really do a whole heck of a lot last night, other than consume entirely too much Nutella.  I mean, I read for a little bit, and watched some awful TV, but I had gotten home a little later than usual and was just too drained to do much of anything.  Actually?  I blame the substance that has turned my beloved white automobile a garish shade of chartreuse. 

Even Claritin-D isn’t helping, people.  And we know how I feel about that.

So it looks like tonight is the night for getting stuff done before the weekend descends upon us once more.  I’ve got self-humiliation to arrange, some peeps potentially coming in from out of town, two movies coming in on the Netflix, and a yen for something outdoors and/or adventurous.  I’m swamped!  I know, I know.

“Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.”

Apology:  It has come to my attention that “Barbie Girl” is, in fact, a duet.  Though I am from the (real) tri-state area, I cannot approximate a male denizen of Staten Island* to save my life, and will therefore have to forego any attempts at Aqua karaoke.  Other suggestions, are, however, most welcome.  Not this either, though.

*This said with the utmost respect and appreciation for the unique dialect adopted by such persons.



  1. Damn Damn Damn….

    Oh, and both of those movies flat out ROCK. 28 Days Later is just bad ass, and Thank You For Smoking? Loved it.

  2. carrie m said,

    Sloth? Nutella? let me tell you about my night…first I had said cheeseburger…then I went to Maggie Moo’s…then proceeded to carve out a spot on Average Jane’s couch and watch LOST while she played on her laptop.

    It’s an artform, really.

  3. INPY: That doesn’t sound like a suggestion… But good to know about the movies! 🙂

    carrie m: Maggie Moo’s (insert Homer Simpson noises here)… 😀

  4. I thought I was going to miss this week’s episode, but then I found out it was just a stupid clip show.. instead of the stupid real show.

  5. mm said,

    There is nothing better than a nutella and peanut butter sandwhich.

  6. HYSL: I *had* missed a few, so it helped me catch up a bit! The perfect guilty pleasure…

    mm: I… haven’t tried that. Yet. (resists urge to run home and do so NOW). 😀

  7. Jo said,

    Wow. I haven’t had Nutella in years. Nothing like a fresh baked baguette with Nutella… Yummmm.

  8. vvk said,

    You need to sing The Pussy Cat Song by The Asylum Street Spankers. It is the most awesomest [sic] of karaoke songs… The lyrics are below, but follow the link and listen to it first.

    carrie m: It doesn’t count as art unless there is an audience. AJ doesn’t count. She’s part of the act.

    The Assylum Street Spankers
    The Pussycat Song

    My Pussycat scratching at my back door

    He scratched so hard,poor pussy got sore,

    Sore Pussy…sore…pussy,just a friendly little cat

    My pussycat was sitting on my front step
    It started to rain and my pussy got wet
    Wet Pussy…sore…wet…pussy,just a friendly little cat
    My Pussycat was playing out in the back lot
    Played so hard,poor pussy got hot
    Hot Pussy…sore…wet…hot…pussy,just a friendly little cat
    I left my whiskey bottle out last night
    My pussycat drank it and got real tight
    Tight pussy..sore..wet..hot..tight..pussy,just a friendly little cat
    My Pussycat was rockin in the rockin chair
    He rocked so hard, he lost his hair
    Bald pussy..sore..wet..hot..tight..bald..pussy,just a friendly little cat
    My neighbors stole my kitty away from me
    I told my neighbors to set my pussy free
    Free pussy..sore..wet..hot..tight..bald..pussy,just a friendly little cat

  9. Jo: Now I’m hungry! 😀

    vvk: Um. Wow. Well, I can’t listen to it here… but I think Lords of Acid did something similar. Either way, not *quite* my style, I don’t think. Thanks for the suggestion? 😕

  10. vvk said,

    I suggest that song every time someone asks for suggestions… for some reason, only one person has taken my suggestion. :-\

    I wonder why? 😛

  11. Kristin said,

    Mmmmm… Nutella.

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