May 4, 2007

Blue Death

Posted in Past, Present, The Funny, The Happy at 7:42 am by Dagny Taggart

1 1/2 oz tequila
fill with sweet and sour mix
1 1/2 oz rum
1 splash 7-Up® soda
1 1/2 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz gin
1 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur

It was my 21st birthday, and my social life was… interesting.  This had just happened, so my circle of friends was undefined.  I had no idea who would show up, if anyone. 

I know.  Smallest violin, hearts bleeding – I’ll try to refrain from the river-crying bit.

Turns out, lots of people did show up.  A Redheaded Slut, double shot of tequila, Mind Eraser, and Alabama Slammer later, and I was doing fiiiine.  And then?  J & T showed up.  And purchased the above concoction for me (usually called a Blue Motorcycle).  Then, dared me to drink it in ten minutes or less.

I drank it in two.  Then, everyone except for me found out that I know all the lyrics to “White Wedding“.  I have to rely on their accounts, because my brain was too busy pickling to pay much attention to what I was doing.   The next morning, I discovered the beauty of Goody’s Headache Powders, and all was well*.

The point to all of this is that I’m going to a certain event tomorrow, and J (of the J & T) will be there.  And this time, the drinks are paid for already.  There’s talk of flasks and sippy cups and I’m… a little scared, I gotta tell ya. 


*Note:  These suckers contain just about everything you’re REALLY, REALLY NOT supposed to have post-drinking-binge.  Not recommended if you value your internal organs.  I did not know this at the time, though.  And really?  Wouldn’t have understood, or cared, if someone had tried to explain.



  1. Lisa said,

    Just reading this makes my liver hurt. At 21, though, you can bounce back from anything. Have a fun weekend!

  2. Lisa: Sorry I didn’t see this earlier – the weekend was great, but my liver is definitely annoyed with me! Hope yours was a great experience, too 😀

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