July 11, 2007

Guess what I’m doing…

Posted in Present, The Happy, the pretty, The Where at 8:16 am by Dagny Taggart

I’m just going to pretend that it’s Memorial Day weekend.  Except I’ll be roughly 200 yards from the Atlantic for six days. 

See, I was going to try to deal with some classes I’m supposed to take for the Jersey bar, but I waited too long and they were all full.  So now, I just have 6! Whole! Days! to laze about.  Or I would, if I didn’t have some very cool people to try to hang out with, up in the land of milk and honey. 

While I’d really like to keep a certain someone from coming along, I think I’m actually better off packing my Metatron (thanks, I-66!) in my tote and letting it out for brief periods.  But what I really can’t wait to do (and this is where some of you will think I’m crazy) is go for a long run, just before the sun comes up, and see if Karma can keep up with me.  If so, I’m sure there will be plenty o’ fodder for future writing!

If I can, I’ll post.  If I manage to get through the stack of DVD’s and books I’ve been wanting to see/read, I might even write some of that thing I talked about way back in the day.  But the first priority is sleep.  Then increased melanin production.  Then, going here to get a chocolate and raspberry combo.  And then?  Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

And that’s the beauty of a vacation that’s slightly more than just a long weekend.  Hope you all have fun and exciting things planned!



  1. I-66 said,

    Noah was a drunk. Look what he accomplished.

  2. I-66: I suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State, and show up two hours in advance. 😀

  3. vvk said,

    Have fun!

  4. I-66 said,

    Easy for you to say. You got off light in razing. You got to stand there and read at Sodom and Gomorrah. I had to do all the work.

  5. I-66: This from the guy who still owes me 10 bucks over that bet about what was gonna be the bigger movie – “E. T. ” or “Krush Groove”?

  6. You should see this movie You’d like it. Don’t read the descriptions, they’ll ruin the plot. You can get it at Netflix..

  7. freckledk said,

    Have a great, great time!

  8. I-66 said,

    I know, I know. You should take all this money that you’ve been collecting for your parish and go out and buy yourself a nice dress.

  9. I-66: Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, outside of soccer.

    (thought you’d like that one)

    vvk: Thanks!

    HYSL: I’ll add it to the queue, and if I loathe it, blame you directly. Fair enough?

    Freckledk: Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  10. I-66 said,

    (that’s why I didn’t use it myself)

  11. The Handsome Boy Modeling School said,

    Dogma Quotes!!!

    Loki: Never let it be said that your anal-retentive attention to detail never yielded positive results.

    Bartleby: You can’t be anal-retentive if you don’t have an anus.

    Loki: Outstanding work!

    Have fun Doll and remember, nothing but premium in the IROC :O)

  12. Mushashiden said,

    Hope it’s everything you’ve been dreaming of. Minus the pickles…

    Enjoy your much deserved days off.

  13. startingtoday said,

    Have a great time. Relax!

  14. joebec said,

    have a great time! hope it’s a blast!

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