August 10, 2007


Posted in *cringe*, The Gnomes, The OCD, The WTF at 8:32 am by Dagny Taggart

So, I’ve noticed a couple of bizarre patterns in my dating life.

We’ve talked about the Chris thing before, I think. Lots of guys named Chris, and also, lots of September birthdays. The 2nd, the 3rd, the 11th, the 15th, the 17th. According to those random astrological thingys, I’m super-compatible with Virgos, and I am the case that proves those random astrological thingys are full of crap. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not a believer in signs, omens, and portents.

I might have mentioned the “now that I’ve dated you, I’m ready to get married…
to someone else” thing.

But the strangest one of all might be Samsung’s Curse.

That’s how I know a relationship is over. Buying a ginormous TV? We’ll be broken up in less than 2 months. It’s held true in each of the 4 relationships that spanned a TV purchase. 

Okay, so in The Case Of The Philandering Fiancé, it wasn’t that big of a deal, nor that bad of a thing.  He has already cheated, and the relationship was stumbling along toward the Death Cart anyway. But there it was – a new TV for his room, and then… poof! 

And we all remember this guy.   He actually bought a condo to put the TV (and spare girlfriends)  in, then bought the TV, and then… poof!

The last one bought the TV and then spontaneously exploded a month later.  I’m still not even entirely sure what he thought was going on – he accused me of cheating, or being about to cheat, or something.  Because I emailed a friend of mine, who happens to sport a Y chromosome, as frequently as I emailed my female friends.  I think the TV talked to him in toshibatongue, or something.  But I digress.  Poof!

So, that’s why I’m a little skittish around DLP, plasma, or LCD TV’s.  Yep, I’ll probably hang on to my 27″ curved screen Panasonic with broken speakers for a nice long while…

***Thanks to DCBlogs for “noting” yesterday’s post!***


  1. Fluffycat said,

    Hrm.. this guy I’m seeing just got a new TV, and some of it was an excuse for me to go over to his house.

    I’ve dated two Leos in a row, so I’m avoiding them at all costs.

  2. suicide_blond said,

    my best friend had the big tv thing happen to her too!!!..poof ..hes gone!! and he took the tv!! every time the best buy bill comes..i have to console her and buy her vodka tonics!!
    oh yeah fluffy….im a leo.. trust me
    you dont want leo kinda trouble..

  3. Fluffycat: Hey – I’m not arguing that new TV’s are a good thing – they seem to work out well for everyone else, anyway. 😉

    suicide_blond: Mmmm… vodka tonics. What an excellent idea. But some of my best friends are Leos – as was this guy. I know only good things of your kind!

  4. vvk said,

    Hmmm… I keep thinking I should buy a tv… I don’t own one, nor does my room mate. But then I think… blah, why bother.

    though I am a Virgo… hmmm…

  5. Beach Bum said,

    That cracked me up — definitely no relationship between my past breakups and TV’s… But damn, Chris must’ve been a very popular kid’s name for our generation, because I’ve had quite my share of them too!

  6. joebec said,

    i stay away from Brians. Seriously. i think i may have commented that before. but if T.V’s are truly your archrival, then stay away you should.

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