August 29, 2007

I have no game, part 1

Posted in *cringe*, Nerdiness, The Funny, The WTF at 9:41 am by Dagny Taggart

I was (in jest, I think) accused of being the “nicest player [she] knew” by one of my favorite people.  Those who have actually seen me in a mingling/bar situation know differently.

A while ago, I was at a happy hour with a group of friends, and waiting for my date to show up.  As I reached for my signature beverage, a not unattractive gentleman came up to me and asked what it was.  When I told him that it involved cider, he replied that it would have been far cooler, had it been a Black & Tan.  I said I was sorry to disappoint him, and turned back to my friends.

Who immediately began to berate me.  Why hadn’t I introduced this guy, drawn him into conversation?  Even if I was waiting for a date that night, there were several single girls in our group.

Because it hadn’t even occurred to me, that he might be hitting on me.  Not even for a second.

And this is one of the many, many reasons I have no game.  Because I have zero flirt radar, apparently.  Even when a guy is blatantly (according to observers) all but grovelling, I think that maybe he might like me a bit, but I’m not really sure.  What if he’s just, you know… friendly?

Apparently, I am clueless, and therefore have no game.



  1. vvk said,

    I have no concept of ‘flirting’ either… I don’t recognize it when I see it. I don’t recognize when I engage it in it. It’s weird to be told “You were really flirting with …” when from my perspective, all I was doing was talking with her. Or the other way around “She was really flirting with you …” Really? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

    It’s kind of odd really. Oh well…

  2. If a guy is talking to you (unless you are a cashier), it’s because he wants to sex you up. If you are a cashier, then he’s talking to you because he wants to sex you up, but would like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese first.

  3. jinglypanties said,

    LOL at HIN.

    But he’s prolly right. Unless the guy is gay (or ever has ‘been gay,’ unlike Sen. Craig. Ahem.)

  4. vvk: That’s pretty much how I feel. I know when I’m doing what *I* think is flirting, but apparently all I’m doing then is being really nice. Apparently, girls are mean when they flirt.

    Can I just get the manual?

    HIN: Ask, and ye shall receive. It’s a manual! Of sorts, anyway… 😀

    jinglypanties: Well, at least I don’t think the gay ones are hitting on me. Cripes. 😉

  5. Lisa said,

    Oh Dagny, my sweet, once again I can totally relate. Because I always assume they’re just friendly. The other problem is that sometimes when I’m being just friendly, guys think I’m flirting with them.

  6. joebec said,

    that was a mixed flirt darlin, i mean, he dissed you “uncool” drink… i would have dissed him too.

  7. Beach Bum said,

    I suck at it too — I used to be so good at flirting back in the day, but seems like all the serious relationships took that out of me… It’s no wonder that I rarely meet guys at bar.

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