December 3, 2007


Posted in *cringe*, Seven Deadlies, The Gnomes, The Why, The WTF at 2:20 pm by Dagny Taggart


 Is it that time already? 

If I don’t want to do something, I’ll find a way or a reason not to.  Sometimes I wonder if the main function of my attendance at law school was to learn new ways to justify a more slug-like existence.

I can’t go 24 hours without at least one shower, though.  No compromises there.  And my apartment, though cluttered (especially with my shoes – they have a nomadic existence, preferring to roam the apartment rather than reside in my closet), isn’t dirty

So I’m messily slothful, if not filthily so.  When properly motivated, I can get things done like nobody’s business.  When properly motivated, I can also come up with a billion reasons to not get something done.  Like, this movie’s on!  And I know I own it, but it’s on TV, so I wouldn’t even have to take it out of the case and turn the DVD player on! 

Yes.  I am that slothful.  The television has been known to determine my schedule. 




  1. i’m classic OCD..i clean everything..all the time…but…for some reason..having my shoes all over the place doesnt bother me in the least.. i think its because i like to look at them..

  2. Matt said,

    I’d leave a comment here, but I’m too lazy to think of something witty.

  3. Alias Faux said,

    Hey, did you write your letter?

  4. Hammer said,

    Like, this movie’s on! And I know I own it, but it’s on TV, so I wouldn’t even have to take it out of the case and turn the DVD player on!

    These movies are bug zappers for humans. We know the story, we know the ending, and yet we can’t help but be drawn in…

  5. I-66 said,

    Guilty. Terribly guilty.

  6. vvk said,


    We appears to have differing definitions of the term…


  7. suicide_blond: I’m OCD about dirt – I will shuffle my clutter around like nobody’s business to get things clean and germ-free, but the clutter stays at a fairly constant level.

    And shoes are pretty. 😀

    Matt: Hehe. 😛

    Alias Faux: Nope, not yet. Too lazy. 😉

    Hammer: What a perfect analogy!

    I-66: Well, I suppose there are worse ways in which to be kindred spirits. I mean, at least we’re not axe murderers, right? Right? 😀

    vvk: Well, everything is relative, or at least context-dependent, no?


  8. Forgot my short name said,

    I agree, I think that you are cleaner then me, but I can do things if I am amped to, but after work it is hard for me to do anything! So I am usually trying to get things done in the morning. Are you coming to our party?

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