January 16, 2008


Posted in Darth Vaguer, nutella, Present, The Happy, The Why at 9:01 am by Dagny Taggart

Karma:  Well, now.  You do have quite a bit on your plate, haven’t you?

DT:  So glad you noticed.  You’re not planning anything I should know about, are you?

K:  Well, you know, I was actually just about to ask you the same thing.

DT:  Waitaminute.  Aren’t you supposed to be the annoyingly omniscient and vengeful being capable of unparallelled schadenfreude?

K:  Normally I don’t act on anything unless you’ve already done it.  Fortunately for you, merely contemplating evil deeds doesn’t count – though some of those uncharitable thoughts are going to come back at you later – I’m still working out the details.

DT:  Thanks for the heads up.  Frankly, I’m too busy to get into trouble at the moment – that birthday party, Super Bowl plans, a trip to see Things One and Two – and that’s all starting after this class is over with. 

K:  And then there’s that turning thirty thing.

DT:  Yes.  And that.  In April.  I can always count on you to remember such things.

K:  Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten.  Well, I really must toddle off.

DT:  Always a pleasure, K.  Oh – before you go.  About that other thing?  Thanks.

K:  No need to thank me.  My job does work in both directions, you know.  Here – have some Nutella, too.



  1. vvk said,

    Turning thirty? In April… hmm… I’d suggest a party, but your inhuman schedule being what it is, a better idea might be a peaceful vacation somewhere and a stack of good books.

    hmmm… thirty… that’s coming up for me soon too. Crazy.

  2. vvk: 1978 was a quality year, indeed. 😀

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