January 26, 2009

Old friends

Posted in Darth Vaguer at 10:05 am by Dagny Taggart

K:  You really should have known better.  You do know better.

DT:  It never ceases to amaze me, your penchant for pointing out the obvious.

K:  And now, you’re just going to have to really think about what all of this says about you. 

DT:  I suppose I will, at that.

K:  So, haven’t seen you around here for a while. 

DT:  I had my reasons.  Still do, a bit.  Wouldn’t necessarily count on it being a regular occurrence.  But you might pop in from time to time, if you felt like it.

K:  You seem to forget that I, at least, generally have a pretty good handle on what you’re doing.  Even if you don’t.

DT:  Fair enough.  See you around, then.



  1. vvk said,

    Good morning.

    Good to see you back DT. 🙂

  2. always nice to see you..whenever we see you…xoxo

  3. Hammer said,

    On the behalf of myself and my alter-ego(s), welcome back to the Existential Bar & Grill. We saved your seat. Go easy on the pool hustlin’ though, okay? You’ve been practicin’ and we’ve been, uh… drinkin’. Heavily.

  4. vvk: It’s good to be back, I think. 🙂

    suicide_blond: The feeling is mutual, o Blond Divine…

    Hammer: My alter-ego and I appreciate the welcome. She’s actually much better than I am at pool, though distributing comeuppances has cut into her practice time. I recommend distracting with chocolate martinis when necessary. 🙂

  5. Lisa said,

    Oh, welcome back, my old friend. I missed you.

  6. You know I had seen the name for some time, nice to be able to place current names to it.

  7. Lisa: Thanks 🙂

    RR: Glad to clear up any confusion (even if it’s by further Vaguer-fying the issue) 😉

  8. freckledk said,

    Hey! I’m late to the party, but ever so happy to be here. Welcome back!

  9. Jo said,

    Wow welcome back!

  10. freckledk: The party doesn’t start until you show up, of course!

    Jo: It’s great to read you, too! 🙂

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