February 5, 2009

TMI Thursday…

Posted in *cringe* at 10:41 am by Dagny Taggart

…here’s my first bite at this apple.  

At present, I’m fighting off a sinus infection.  I’ve gotten at least two of these per winter since I was seven or eight – the lovely consequence of atmospheric allergies.  In the winter, these are made even more severe by cold, dry air.

So when I was a junior in high school, I’d take over the counter remedies to help me get through the school day.  For the most part, I’d feel fine, if a little spacey.  My voice was a little gravelly, but functional, and it actually seemed to make some of my male classmates sit up and take notice that I’d dropped close to fifty pounds at that point.

One classmate in particular had also caught my attention.  And one day, somehow, we’d all wound up at the same lunch table together.  This never happened, not in the ironclad social hierarchy of my regional school district.  And yet, there we were – my group of friends, and “Cameron”, all at a different table than usual.  A centrally located table, one that everyone could see and many would walk by.

And there I was, with my new sultry voice, smiling and laughing and ignoring the stabbing pain that had been building in my sinuses for the past hour.  Next to my friend and his coat, covered with cat hair.

Cameron said something, and I began a laugh.  A laugh which, halfway through, turned into the Grand Pooh-Bah of All Sneezes.  There was no stopping it.  There was no time to grab napkins, no time to excuse myself from the table.  There was barely time to clap my hands over the lower portion of my face, which had two effects – one, to (thankfully) keep everyone else at the table from feeling the effects of my sneeze, and two, to make it impossible for me to remove my hands from my face without the aid of a sinkful of water and fifty yards of paper towels.

Cameron recoiled.  I stood up, backing away from the table with my hands still over my face, and made my way to the nearest lavatory.  My headache was gone, and so were my chances of getting a date with anyone at my school before graduation.



  1. jo said,

    Ooooh, man that sucks. There’s no escaping the snot!

  2. Lisa said,

    Ugh. I can see and feel the ginormous pool of snot in your hands. It makes me queasy.

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