February 24, 2009


Posted in Nerdiness, The WTF at 9:23 am by Dagny Taggart

Alternate title:  Why Karma’s not speaking to me right now

I have a confession to make – I’ve been unfaithful.  It’s just… she can be so negative all the time.  And sure, I deserve it, but sometimes a girl just wants a little pick-me-up!

So I’ve been talking to The Universe.  Rather, The Universe has been talking to me – sending me these nice little daily reminders of my goals, snippets of encouragement, that sort of thing.  It’s NICE, and I LIKE IT.

Like today’s, which sent a little warm fuzzy through me:

Why is it that so often, Dagny, those who are extremely successful in virtually everything they do are so unable to see that this is the case?

Yeah, you might not be the right person to ask.
I love dragonflies –
The Universe

 So I smiled, finished drying my hair, and commenced my commute through the frigid air, a little less disgruntled than usual.  Until I, for no apparent reason other than ruining a perfectly good mood, remembered this other little fragment of wisdom, from an entirely different source


I’m starting to suspect sabotage on her part.  That’ll teach me to talk to other abstract concepts.



  1. But will they be sexy robots? That’s the question you should be possibly asking, unless you don’t want the answer.

  2. Hammer said,

    We all have unusual oracles in our lives and would do well to heed their advice. There’s a gas pump at the Exxon up the street from my apartment that speaks to me through its electronic display in an “L.A. Story” kind of way. Last week it told me to be more compassionate to others and to provide them with gentler forms of interpersonal feedback. It also told me to give serious consideration to their sale on Coke products.

    The gas pump is wise.

  3. Lisa said,

    Except that it’s far from all it takes to give you the warm fuzzies except maybe for a couple seconds. Which is why there’s no chance a robot is taking your place. Unless you get drafted. In which case they should definitely send one of those armed robots they were talking about on John Stewart the other night.

  4. As someone raised around these cheesy as hell posters, I only wonder why it took so long for someone to make a nickle mocking them.

    But to your question, I am sure that the Universe really does love. She just has a passive/aggressive way of showing it.

  5. Malnurtured Snay: If they’re replacing me? They’d better be.

    Hammer: Hmm. I have a similar gas pump, but it sticks to the adverts. Mayhaps it’s decided I’m beyond help?

    Lisa: And besides, if a robot took my place, what would Karma do? Be a robot’s abstract alter ego? Hah!

    restaurant refugee: The Universe is my mother!!!???!!!?!

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