March 10, 2009

Thanks, Gym People.

Posted in *cringe*, Guilt, nutella, The Gnomes, The Process at 10:35 am by Dagny Taggart

It’s probably no secret that I still try to get to the gym at least 5 times a week, especially during the holiday season.  I honestly don’t think I gained all that much weight during the last few months of 2008 (though it would be hard to say for sure, since I avoid my scale most of the time).  I was working out regularly, watching what I ate when it wasn’t a party or family dinner, and generally taking care of myself.

January was no different, and I like to think that I’d lost whatever homemade babka and the cookie extravaganza might have put on my body.  I wasn’t quite in bikini shape, but I had a Plan.

And then, I got sick.  Sick with the flu, with the spikey fever and semi-coherence and weakness that was kind of scary.  I got sick Monday night.  By Sunday, the fever was gone, and though I was coughing, I thought I’d try the gym.  Big mistake.  8 minutes on the elliptical later, I slept for four hours once I got back home.

So it’s taken a while to get my energy back.  Over three weeks, apparently.  And in that time, I was *not* watching what I ate. 

So when I finally hauled myself back into the gym and found a non-squeaky elliptical, I was a bit dismayed to find that the machine was directly opposite a giant sign reminding me that there is less than three months’ time between now and Memorial Day.

Holy crap.  I might be a bit grouchy over the next couple of weeks.  I know I quit smoking cold turkey and never looked back, but this is sugar we’re talking about, people.  And cheese.  And… and…

I need a new reward system, one that does not involve excesses of calories or funds.  Any thoughts?



  1. Alias Faux said,





    I’m just saying

  2. Velvet said,

    Might I suggest the South Beach diet? It’s $5 a week online, and I’m loving it. I did it once before, in 2004, and I lost 10 lbs that stayed off as long as they could until Nachos and Burritos got in my way. Oh, and Cannolis. They got in my way too. Now, having those 10 lbs. back, I’m serious this time fo’ sho’. It’s not a “diet.” It’s just clean eating. Low fat, low carb, no starchy carbs like pasta and rice. Eliminates the white carbs from your system. I swear by it. Email me if you have questions.

  3. Lisa said,

    Sugar is the worst. I always drop weight (and feel better) when I cut sugar. And yet, it’s the most addictive substance ever ever ever. I am certain of it.

    Reward system? I haven’t ever found a good one. But I do feel like the less sugar, the easier it is, and then it gets easier and easier. Until you fall off the sugar wagon.

    In other words, I’m so unhelpful.

  4. LiLu said,

    …Reminding me that there is less than three months’ time between now and Memorial Day.

    Oh, CRAP.

    I’m having the same problem as you… I think the thing that most worked for me was ALL or NOTHING. Like, if I tell myself to “eat better”… it doesn’t really happen. Whereas if I tell myself I’m not eating ANY fried food for, say, a month, I’m more likely to do it. I need rules and clear guidelines; I need to feel like I’m violating them if I cheat in order to stay on track.

  5. Alias Faux: I suppose I should have specified something “legal”, but I’m quite sure I’d feel rewarded after that!

    Velvet: That’s not a bad idea – I might not go for the online option, but I’m sure I can borrow the cookbooks from a friend. Thanks!

    Lisa: At least I’m not alone! It’s *so* surprising that we’re alike in this respect, as well. /sarcasm. 🙂

    LiLu: I know! I could have used another 2-3 weeks of blissful ignorance, really. And yes, cutting things out definitely makes the mental aspect easier.

  6. Belle said,

    Oh, crap! Impending swimsuit season sucks. (Thanks for that reality check…)

    I had the same problem coming up with the rewards last year this time. (Food somehow makes the easiest default reward. Weird.)

    But I set my goal and picked a (non-food) reward that I wouldn’t normally splurge on. Purchased that for myself when I got where I wanted. Of course, it happened to be a cell phone that I regretted buying very shortly thereafter, but it was shiny and gave me a reason to stick to my plan and still serves as a reminder that I can do stuff when I’m determined. Just a thought.

    Good luck!

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