March 16, 2009

Because I haven’t whinged sufficiently, of late.

Posted in The Gnomes, The Why, The WTF at 9:36 am by Dagny Taggart

Ordinarily, I’d love the notion of having living quarters elevated above everyone else, even if it were only slightly.  My darling 650-square-foot abode as a turret of sorts?  Certainly, and thank you!

And I really do appreciate efforts made to keep various aspects of that abode functioning properly.  Even though the contractors took up a dozen valuable parking spaces, forcing me to regularly park in the “guest lot” hinterlands, I toted my loads of laundry the extra yardage without complaint, as I am a fan of hot showers and clean dishes, neither of which are possible without hot water.

Back when it was balmy and lovely, I didn’t care that my radiator wasn’t functioning – I don’t think I gave it a thought.  Our maintenance personnel regulate them so that we’re not stifled on warmer days, so the elderly residents don’t have to strain themselves to bend to the floor and turn the knobs to “closed”.

But this weekend, when it was rainy and in the forties, I did notice that my radiators weren’t working.  I noticed, because my apartment was FIFTY-SEVEN DEGREES.  Which is PARTICULARLY cold after that nice steamy shower the management was so kind to provide.  Perhaps I should save this for Thursday, but never before have I *had* to shave my legs thrice in one day.

My radiators weren’t working, you see, because my unit is slightly higher than my neighbors’.  So when air gets into the system, it goes into MY radiators, which then stop working.  Until they are “bled”, which just sounds entirely too disgusting to contemplate.  If leeches are involved, I really don’t want to know.

I’m looking forward to summertime.

In other news, posting may be light this week.  I’ll try, I really will, but the funny thing about the current administration is that they actually pay attention to whether agencies other than DoD and DHS are helping the country.  And to be honest, I’ll take that over posting time any day – it’s nice to feel useful.



  1. Hammer said,

    The gas pump says the radiators can be bled with a standard screwdriver, and that if you do not have one, the mechanics can probably provide a loaner. Also, Little Debbie Fudge Rounds are on sale.

  2. Lisa said,

    Dreadful! Definitely whingeable. It was COLDYCOLDYCOLD this weekend! They need to bleed those radiators asap. Because really, is spring warmth ever going to arrive?

    And, um, the shaving of the legs thrice??? Pourquoi?

    AND and, randomly and purely because I rarely hear “thrice” and not because of anything about you, this so makes me think Macbeth and the witches at cauldron.

  3. Go to Strosniders (world’s best hardware store) in Bethesda and get a key to bleed your radiators for $1. You just turn the key at the top of the radiator until the air-hissy sound stops and see a couple of drops of water….then…WARMTH!!! (the ninja fortress is 3 stories and my bedroom is at the top so I know this toooo well).

  4. Hammer: Does the gas pump know that my place was built in the 30s? Apparently there is a special radiator key. Also, could the gas pump let me know when Cadbury Eggs go on sale? 🙂

    Lisa: Um, so… I don’t know about you – but when I step out of a warm shower into a freezing apartment, I get goosebumps. And when I get goosebumps, I also get slightly fuzzier. I don’t *think* I’m alone in this.

    Just so you know, I own this shirt, in pink.

    HIN: Thank you! Your advice is much appreciated, though my VA-dwelling posterior might haul itself to Brown’s first. But I will know to ask for a radiator key, which is probably much more efficient than “the heating bleeder thingy”.

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