March 19, 2009

Depending on whom you ask…

Posted in The Funny, The Happy at 6:16 am by Dagny Taggart

What I’ve been up to is either incredibly fascinating and vital, or so draining I’ve resorted to causing myself pain in order to stay awake during the 3 pm stretch.

Actually, that’s a lie.  Because I could give you both of the above answers, so it does not depend on whom you ask, at least not entirely.

All of this to say that the number of unread in my feedreader has surpassed the absurd, and it would be nice to be able to spend more quality time in this place, in your places, enjoying the warmer weather outside and in my apartment, but that’s not in the cards until 6 pm tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week.  Mine was considerably enhanced when I got home last night and found a giant box outside my door.  It was a belated Christmas present (there’s something so happy about belated Christmas presents that show up in a distinctly non-gifty month).


Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers

The best part?  My toes go inside the tongue.  So it can wiggle.

I needed that.

Sorry for the incoherent blather – hope everyone has a great day!



  1. Beach Bum said,

    That is awesome!

  2. Alias Faux said,

    Are you kidding me? This is the best weekend of the year!

    This weekend (and by this weekend I mean from today to Sunday) is the annual christmas gift from God (and by god I mean the NCAA selection committee).

  3. Lisa said,

    Toes in the tongue is kind of perfect. Hours of entertainment, I am certain.

    I hope you can chill out and sit around wiggling your tootsies this weekend.

  4. LiLu said,

    ZOMFG. Excuse me while I go google desperately to find my own pair…

  5. Beach Bum: Yes, yes it is.

    Alias Faux: Um. Well, then, I’m happy and sad for you. 😉

    Lisa: The awfulness appears to be done for the time being, and there will be much sleeping and wiggling ASAP.

    LiLu: I believe they came from Uncommon Goods. Happy shopping!

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