March 30, 2009


Posted in Darth Vaguer, Grief, Guilt, The Just a Little Sad, The WTF at 10:00 am by Dagny Taggart

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I am the teasee.  We’ve covered that I’m blond, half Polish, and from New Jersey.  We’ve probably also touched on the fact that not only am I the younger sibling, but I’m very nearly the youngest of all of my cousins.  And, I had asthma.  And, I had glasses.  And, I had braces.  And, for a significant chunk of time, I carried around 60 pounds or so of extra weight.  Oh, OH!  And, I’m roughly 5-6 inches taller than your average woman.  We haven’t even gotten into my personality quirks.

So there was teasing.  Lots of teasing.

After a while, you learn how to suck it up and deal.  How to not let the ones who are genuinely assholes get to you, or at least not let them see it if they do.  How to remind yourself that the ones who aren’t assholes, are just being affectionate, showing that they like you for your quirks as much as anything else, and laugh with them.

I think I’ve come across someone who either hasn’t learned the second half of that, yet.  Or at least, seems to have determined that I belong in the former category.

It’s an interesting way to find out how close you really are(n’t) to someone.



  1. AM said,

    Having only been reading this blog for a while, does this mean you just broke up with somebody, just met somebody new, or based on the last line, just caught the guy you’re with on an obscure Russian midget porn site?

  2. Matt said,

    Everyone has their bad days, where they’re more sensitive to things than they would normally be.

    Then again, some people are just oversensitive and more trouble than they’re worth 🙂

  3. Hammer said,

    Don’t take it personally – the gas pump is kind of a jerk to everybody.

  4. Lisa said,

    Teasing is an odd thing. It’s so delicate, and sometimes brings out the most unexpected things. Or you touch a nerve that you could never have imagined as there. When really all you were doing was being affectionate.

  5. Burt Frost said,

    Sounds like somebody needs a hug

  6. AliasFaux said,

    Just throwing it out there:

    Teasing really isn’t nice. The fact that people may tease you doesn’t make it nice for them to do.

    Some people really believe that teasing isn’t ever called for, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not close to you, it just means they have different ideas of what is called for and what isn’t.

    Some folks feel it’s perfectly fine to tease lightheartedly between friends. Other’s feel it’s perfectly reasonable to lightheartedly pinch their nephew’s girlfriends ass at a family gathering.

    Just saying.

  7. AM: None of the above, but thanks for playing! 😉

    Matt: That’s true. Personally, I like to think that I am “perfectly wrought” more often than not, but know I have my oversensitive moments, as well.

    Hammer: Good to know – I’ll try to take it less personally, next time.

    Lisa: It is an odd thing. And I guess, if one isn’t willing to risk inadvertently striking a nerve, is to abstain altogether.

    Burt Frost: Quite. Though I think the issue of who is more deserving is still up in the air.

    Alias Faux: You raise valid points – I would add one more: some people feel as though teasing is okay under some circumstances, but not others. And when there is no bright-line rule, mistakes are easily made.

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