April 3, 2009


Posted in Project: Fail, The Gnomes, The OCD, The Round, The WTF at 7:38 am by Dagny Taggart


I’ve been kicking ass and taking names in my professional life, which is kind of an awesome feeling.  Doing so has taken a toll on my exercise habits and my sleep, but I’m working on it, as I noted before.  I’m feeling pretty good about that part of my life.

I’ve been losing at pool a lot, which is frustrating, because I’ve also been finding ways to fit more practice in, and I know that parts of my game have improved.  But when it comes to the actual matches that count towards my team’s score, I fall apart, sometimes more than a little.  Grrr.

And then, Sibling is kicking my a** in Scrabble.  It’s one thing to lose by a slim or reasonable margin, but a woman who spends most of her time at home with 16-month-old twins is Kicking. My. Ass.  Good for her, I say, but I’ve been reading books and blogs and having grownup conversations and shouldn’t I have better vocabulary at the ready?  Hmmm?

Heh.  It’s all good – I’m glad that my hard work has been paying off, and paying off in a way that will continue to benefit me long-term.  Though, a stint on the amateur singles circuit and some attendant prize money wouldn’t hurt, either.

I’ll be in the pool hall this weekend, should you need me.



  1. Lisa said,

    Maybe she’s kicking your a** because you haven’t gotten as much sleep as usual AND because your mental abilities are constantly tested in many directions, whereas hers are more focused? Or maybe she’s got better strategy. I have a decent vocabulary but my strategy is lacking.

    Happy weekend!

  2. LiLu said,

    I love me some Dirty Scrabble. THEN you might win…

  3. Burt Frost said,

    Formerly awkward/nerdy lawyer pool shark. Well done ma’am.

  4. Lisa: Well, I don’t think Sibling’s exactly overloaded with sleep either, but she’s made some very clever plays. Eh. It’s all in good fun. Happy weekend to you!

    LiLu: Haha. Dirty Scrabble does sound fun. I wonder if there’s Strip Scrabble?

    Burt Frost: Why, thank you, sir.

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