April 9, 2009

TMI Thursday: You can take the girl out of Jersey

Posted in *cringe*, The Where at 7:54 am by Dagny Taggart

…But you can’t make her stop watching NJ reality TV.  Or, in other words, I no longer have any shame.  Does this technically qualify as TMI?  I’m not sure – but it is probably the most embarrassing thing I could share with you right now.

A confession.  I am from that part of NJ.  Not that town specifically, but that part of NJ.  

Another confession – my parents have worked their tails off, and are happy and comfortable, but they do not live in a house like that.  Not even close.  And there are parts of Franklin Lakes that do not look like those neighborhoods.

A third confession – I have been to several events at the Brownstone.  Which, while a lovely establishment, occasionally requires one to park in the less savory neighboring neighborhoods.  The food, in case you were wondering, is kind of awesome.  So, take the show with a tiny grain of salt, and… LOVE IT.  

Which I do, based on last night’s preview.  I will say that a couple of them seemed to have uncharacteristically strong accents for that little part of NJ – I really don’t remember anyone talking like that.

This might be the most shameful thing I’ve ever admitted.  Wow.  My name is(n’t) Dagny Taggart, and I love a reality television show about bitchy women in NJ.  Because it reminds me of home.



  1. LiLu said,

    I watched it on Tuesday… and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. You can totally be my Housewives of Jersey buddy!

  2. In my opinion, a good TMI usually must be definition include some sort of bodily waste and/or fluids.

    You know what else can remind you of home? Oh yeah:

  3. I-66 said,

    Wait a minute here. I thought NJ reality TV was this.

  4. Brook said,

    I feel ya. Happy shame, guilty pleasure-TMI doesn’t have to mean grossing everyone out every time.

  5. freckledk said,

    Oh, we already have a club forming! KassyK and Velvet are already hooked as well.

  6. Velvet said,

    The man and I were watching that last night and when the divorced lady came on with her extra arched eyebrows I bust out laughing and said: “HA! She looks like my entire high school!” And I’m from Conn. But only 1/2 hour from the Jerz…I have a few friends who “tawk like that” but yes, this accent is a bit ridiculous.

    My favorite part was when the one with the very low hairline and the eyes too far apart said her husband was soooo hot. Pan to the corner showing a guy who resembles a mushroom. Oh yeah you know he had neon lights under his IROC in high school.

    In the Orange County opener the girls hold Oranges. In NYC they hold apples. In Atlanta they hold peaches. Um, why didn’t they give the Jersey girls baby smokestacks? That would have been awesome!!!

  7. Lusty Reader said,

    Yes! I watched the preview last night! This was my favorite quote: “I’m from New Jersey. I don’t like you…until I like you.”

  8. LiLu: Sweet! You’d be willing to administer medicinal doses of tequila when it becomes apparent that something is hitting a little too close to home, yes?

    Malnurtured Snay: Well, municipal waste contracts are a significant factor in the Jersey lifestyle. Also, you have used a photo. I do not think it means what you think it means. 😉

    I-66: You know, that’s one aspect of Jersey that I never really got to see – but I may have to start watching that show, now.

    Brook: Thanks! Good to know I haven’t crossed too far over the line.

    freckledk: I’m so glad I’m in such good company!

    Velvet: Yeah, my high school was IN THAT TOWN. I actually would have thought they’d give them cans of Aqua-Net, but yours works too!

    Lusty Reader: I enjoyed that one, as well. The sad part is, it totally made sense in my head, and then I remembered grammar. *sigh*

  9. KassyK said,

    Oh sweetie–I am not into reality tv…but this show is GOLD.

    Especially because I am from a jappy town more filled with Real Housewives of NYC types ala Jill and Bethenny.

    But this part of NJ FASCINATES me. I am addicted.

    Velvet and I are on a mission–understand why the blonde looks like a garden knome and if she secretly IS one…and why oh why low hairline woman thinks her roided out unce unce hubbie is HOT.

    Ah, its like the Sopranos. Sort of.

  10. KassyK: The blonde was on Platinum Weddings or some similar show, during which she confessed that her now-husband had cheated on her.

    My mom told me to watch the wedding show because The Brownstone was going to be featured. Oy. I don’t think I’m going to tell her about this one.

  11. KassyK said,

    OMG I KNEW I RECOGNIZED HER. Insane. Brilliant. 🙂

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