April 10, 2009


Posted in Guilt, nutella, Project: Fail at 9:12 am by Dagny Taggart

I spent the better part of yesterday unable to feel the right side of my face, and a good portion of my left.

Two cavities – not a big deal, right?  They were my first ever, though, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  And I certainly didn’t expect a few little nips with a hypodermic (at least, I only felt a couple, at first) to result in me being completely unable to ascertain if the right side of my face was still there.

I’d heard that if all went well, I should have no problem eating, even just a little while after the procedure was done.  So long as I wasn’t chewing ice, I’d been told, everything would be fine. 

Except that my dentist wanted me to give the fillings time to SET – more to the point, at least the 2-3 hours until the novocaine wore off.  Much like, when I’d dyed my hair black, the hairdresser wanted the dye to SET for 48 hours, during which I couldn’t wash my hair.  All I thought about for the 36 hours I actually managed to hold out was how badly I wanted to wash my hair.

It’s as though my dentist knew that this was the easiest way to drive me insane.  I might not have been hungry for several hours after my appointment, if he’d not expressly forbidden any kind of food touching my tooth for a two to three hour period of time.  I had errands to run, I probably wouldn’t have been home for a couple of hours anyway.

But tell me that I can’t eat, and you will send my blood sugar into the Pits of Despair in a screaming frenzy unmatched by even the most dedicated of harpies.

Thank goodness for the soft, creme-filled Easter candies currently available in most convenience stores. 

What?  It was an emergency.



  1. sour said,

    and thus, the cavity cycle continues, unabated

  2. Lisa said,

    These were your FIRST cavities ever? Wow!

    Yes – go for the creme-filled Eastery goodness. And stock up – they’ll be gone soon! That’s an emergency in itself!

  3. sour: Well, it’s actually all my dentist’s fault. He shouldn’t have told me I couldn’t eat, thus sending me into a complete panic that resulted in poor dietary choices!

    Lisa: They were. And you raise an excellent point – I need to track down as many mini-cadbury eggs as possible! I think I have a mission for the weekend…

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