April 21, 2009

In which I should probably defer to an expert

Posted in Nerdiness, Present, The Why at 7:27 am by Dagny Taggart

I’ve been engaged in negotiations, lately.  And so, I sought advice from Sibling Extraordinaire, who is Skilled and Shrewd and a LOT more of a hard-ass than I thought she’d be.  My niece and nephew may find joint mutinies more difficult than they’d planned.

Given that Sibling is zodiacally a Cancer, one might think that she’d be a better mediator than zealous advocate, just wanting to make everyone happy and threatening to get sniffly if there’s too much confrontation about.  So I inquired about her newfound skill at getting what she wants the way she wants it.

And she explained that she’s been working for Norwegians for the past few years.

Apparently, our fair-headed friends across the pond really are known for more than a cool pantheon.  Sibling, who was acting in an advisory capacity, would urge her bosses to do things like… pay lease agreements as, well… as agreed.  Because of, you know.  Things like penalties and lawsuits.  And instead, somehow, they’d decide they didn’t want to pay, and managed to get one of the largest commercial leasing companies in the country to renegotiate their contracts.

One of them managed to get a steak, perfectly cooked to order, in an Italian restaurant that had nary a hint of steak on the menu.  Sibling is convinced they had someone run to the supermarket on the spot to fulfill the special order.

Has anyone else heard of this phenomenon?  Do they know someone who might be willing to train me in the ways of the Norse Negotiator?



  1. Hammer said,

    The gas pump says that you must let go of both grungy engine coolant and, when dealing with Norwegians, the conventional definition of “negotiations.” The gas pump says it knows people, but to bear in mind that one does not introduce themselves to the Norwegian mafia – one has the Norwegian mafia introduced to them.

  2. Velvet said,

    I can do it. I did it for work for a long time and people where I work now just dropped their jaws when they found out how I negotiated my current situation…I’ll give you all my secrets! Send details in an email if you want!

  3. Hammer: I always appreciate insight from the gas pump. Of course, I would never presume to simply approach the Norwegians. I’d just like to learn from them.

    Velvet: I have no doubt of your skills – I’d be afraid to take you on without Norwegian backup!

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