May 5, 2009


Posted in Grief, The Happy, The Just a Little Sad at 7:56 am by Dagny Taggart

He was my first cousin, once removed (“once trown out”, he’d say in accented English, a crooked smile gracing the words).  He was also closer to my grandfather’s age than my mother’s – the oldest son of an oldest son to my mother’s youngest of the youngest.

I knew him as the sometimes cranky man who’d show up to family gatherings and tell the same stories over and over – stories about working on a farm in Poland, about stocking shelves, about factory work, about Pearl Harbor.  He was there.  His U.S. government-issued camouflage traveled throughout the South Pacific before he returned to the East Coast.

My mother told me once, why he’d never married.  Some silly girl thought he wasn’t good enough for her, and he’d never really thought about anyone else after that.  Given how well he looked after his family, both here and in Poland, I have to think that she must not have known him well at all.

He’d always have 7Up in his refrigerator, for his little “cousin once trown out” who was allergic to cola.  And this weekend, as we remembered the way he’d enriched all of our lives, I thought about 7Up, and listened to Taps, and said goodbye.



  1. Beach Bum said,


  2. Velvet said,

    Taps. Sniffle.

    My Great Uncle is in a nursing home. One time a few years ago when he was more lucid, he grabbed my hand and said, “Pick a good one.” He had never married, and when he found himself alone and in a home, it occurred to him that he should have. Funny enough – it was a Polish girl he wanted to marry. My Greek Great Grandmother said, “Absolutely not.” Sigh.

  3. I am keeping a good thought for you.

  4. AliasFaux said,

    Que lastima.

    Sorry, kiddo.

  5. freckledk said,

    Condolences, darling. I’m so sorry for your loss. xo

  6. Lisa said,

    I’m so sorry to read this. It’s a very sweet tribute. Hugs to you.

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