May 11, 2009

Alright. ENOUGH!

Posted in But I am... le sick at 11:48 am by Dagny Taggart

Dagny’s okay.  Dagny’s okay.

But Dagny’s tired of falling and Dagny’s tired of skeletons!*

I am sick.  Again.  Still.  

On top of everything else, I lost my voice last week – a lovely non-porcine cold (no fever) with a side dish of laryngitis.  I’m sure those who interact with me on a daily basis were happy to embrace the silence.  Especially because when my voice did start to come back, it resembled nothing so much as the dulcet tones of Fran Drescher and Gilbert Gottfried’s hypothetical love child.

So I’m keeping my mouth shut.  Because that?  Is not something anyone should have to hear, no matter how much they might secretly covet leopard-print pumps, bright red lipstick, and hair of a size that could only come from Flushing.


* Bonus points to anyone who guesses from whence the paraphrase is derived…  I-66, I’m looking at you.



  1. AliasFaux said,

    Grease in your shoes is the stuff of genius.

  2. Lisa said,

    Oh, honey. I’m so sorry. Of course you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. What an effing drag.

    Also, I had to Google the line. And though I now know, I still don’t know.

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