May 28, 2009


Posted in RHoNJ at 11:38 am by Dagny Taggart

And… so.  

I’ve been debating about how best to handle this recappy thing, since I’m not in the habit of doing them.  I think dividing it up by housewife is the way to go, so I’ll keep trying to do it that way.

Theresa is starting to grow on me – it’s clear that she’s devoted to her daughter, and just wants everyone to see what she sees.  I was a little worried about the stage-mom factor in the first couple of episodes, but it seems like she was only doing those things because she really thought it would help her daughter succeed.  And her patience with everyone else on the show is, frankly, admirable.  It also helped that they didn’t really talk about her house much during this episode.  I can get past a lot, but… that house.

Dina and her brother are hysterical, and “rooster down” has a good shot at becoming a part of my lexicon.  As far as her behavior at the botox party goes?  Yeah, it did seem like she was protesting a bit too much when she claimed to never have done anything to her face.  Though I CAN believe that she’s not had her lips done.  And her little comment about Danielle’s vocabulary?  It was a barb, no doubt, but it’s also exactly the kind of comment someone might make if they were completely relaxed after a glass of wine with friends.  An apology wouldn’t be out of the question, but it really didn’t seem like she had set out that evening with the intention of putting anyone down.

Jacqueline?  Dear.  Lord.  Woman.  Spines are nice – you should look into one!  Yes, your family is a bunch of strong personalities, but it looks like they’re at least trying to respect your friend choices… they showed up to the party, and Caroline was perfectly lovely.  I haven’t yet heard either of them tell you NOT to be friends with Danielle -those reservations have been expressed editorially, but not conversationally.  And Danielle is disrespecting you by constantly putting you in a position where you’re dealing with HER issues with other people, in ways that make you choose sides.  And if your husband buys your daughter a car, perhaps you SHOULD be the one to have a conversation with him.  If you have a problem with your sisters-in-law criticizing you when they won’t talk to him, maybe you should bring that up with them directly.  Seriously – vertebrae are worth a little effort.

Caroline – I want to be adopted by this woman.  She’s pretty realistic when it comes to what her kids can do, and gets behind them a hundred percent when they figure out what they want to do – maybe even more than they’re behind themselves.  I definitely relate to the protective aspect of her personality.  I think it’s fascinating that although she’s almost never the primary focus of a scene, there’s no question that she’s there.

And again, Danielle.  I think I said most of it yesterday – but there are some serious issues.  The attention she gets seems mostly negative – like she’s never really learned that acting out so that people will pay attention to you isn’t a good way to win friends or influence people.  Again, I really question her decision to be on this show, if for no other reason than her kids.  If you know there are rumors about you, rumors that will undoubtedly get back to your kids and cause them pain and humiliation, wouldn’t you seriously reconsider an opportunity that could cause serious emotional scars?  Maybe you should start with considering therapy.


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  1. LiLu said,

    I love, love LOVE Caroline. It almost makes me want an Italian mother of my very own…

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