June 3, 2009


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This morning, I am wearing brown plaid pants.  I love these pants, especially because they were the first I bought in my “normal” size after the Bar Exam Weight Gain Reversal Project had seen some results.  I also love them because they were on a hanger in my old apartment, and made it on that hanger to the new place, and were therefore easily located.

Last night, I meant to do laundry when I got home from teaching.  But Annoying Guy™ kept me late, yammering on and on about his personal issues with the test, citing personal reasons that I couldn’t help him with even if I wanted to, even if I didn’t see this as his way of excusing his performance, of appeasing his pride*.  I managed, I think, to appear sympathetic, to not tell him to give up on the test and leave me alone.  I counted this as a victory.

I got home late, and couldn’t possibly fathom the notion of gathering and sorting and basketing and carting down two flights of stairs, of retrieving quarters and detergent and softener and bleach.  And I felt guilty about that.

And then this morning, I put on my plaid pants and set off for work.  Around the fourth stop along the way, I noticed a splotch in the plaid that made me wonder if today’s water bottle was dripping.  As it happens, it must be a remainder from a too-heavily buttered English muffin, or a baking experiment gone awry.  And so, my laziness last night pays off, and I can pretreat and wash the pants, rather than lament their untimely relegation to the bottom of a freshly-emptied hamper.

This, too, is a victory.

In other news, I’ve also located my tequila (both the Herradura and the Patron, thankyouverymuch), ice, and glasses.  Things are definitely looking up.

*Sometimes, a student’s performance is hampered by circumstances beyond their control.  I get that.  But I’ve had plenty of students who just worked that much harder, instead of spending so much time complaining about how unfair it all is.  The ones who put the effort in, do well.  So if you’re not seeing the results you want, perhaps it’s time to stop with the rationalizations and make with the solution-finding.


  1. Some people will find any excuse to justify their failures and shift the blame on some external factor for them not succeeding. Rhadi Ferguson (US Olympics in Judo) had leg surgery and was in the weight room the next day working out his arms because it you want to be an olympian, that’s what it takes. Think about the world of difference between that and that annoying guy who gives up at the slightest setback and needs constant reassurment because he’s not strong enough on the inside to keep himself up.

  2. LiLu said,

    I too use pants as “benchmarks” for weight progress. Trying to get back into the ‘college jeans’ now…

  3. HIN: I think a lot of people give up on goals because they don’t want to put forth the energy needed to overcome obstacles. I’m actually okay with this. What I’m not okay with, is when they don’t acknowledge that it’s the direct result of a choice they made, and choose instead to place blame elsewhere.

    LiLu: Pants are much more useful than the scale, in my opinion.

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