June 5, 2009

The Hunt for Brown-Black Bookcase

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:39 am by Dagny Taggart

So, yes.  There are many milestones to celebrate.  I can walk through my living room without stepping over anything; in fact, I can make it all the way to my bed.  In which I got very little sleep last night, and not for any particularly fun reasons.

I was able to MacGyver a new dowel for a glass shelf in my china cabinet, which now has some of its usual suspects milling about inside.  It’s not quite as awesome as the time I built my own extension cord (for real), but it’s still better than driving to Woodbridge for a single 12 cent item.

Of course, I WOULD be driving to Woodbridge to get a $200 item, and would be happy to pick up a dowel while I was there, but Ikea is holding the bookcase I want hostage.

It’s a $200 bookcase, and they’d charge more than half of that to ship it.  PARDON?  It’s also out of stock in the three closest stores to DC – and of course – of COURSE I actually considered driving to Philly to obtain it.  I don’t think I will.  I suspect that more sensible minds than my own will come up with better ways to spend my time this weekend, but I think I need to admit that I have a problem.

Maybe I can MacGyver a bookcase out of all these unpacked boxes.

<does best young Brando impression>




  1. Beach Bum said,

    Emailed you my black-brown bookcase.

  2. Congrats on the home purchase. You know that esquire means landed gentry, right? Now you are truly Dagny Tagert, Esq.

    P.S. Loved the Fountainhead, but Atlas Shrugged…not so much (crappiest ending evah!).

  3. Jen said,

    Why would you have to drive to Woodbridge for a dowel? You need a friend with a truck.

  4. Lisa said,

    Oh, shipping costs and other annoyances. As someone looking for large furniture pieces, I sympathize. Grr.

    Have you ever been to Upscale Resale out in Merrifield? I wonder if they’d be a useful source. You have to go and look regularly, and sometimes wait for something you really like to drop in price while you hope nobody else buys it, but it sometimes has great stuff.

  5. <b.Beach Bum: Now, if only Ikea could email me THEIR black-brown bookcase, I’m sure I’d save on shipping! 🙂

    HIN: Thanks! Heh – landed gentry. Heh.

    As for the books – I probably enjoyed The Fountainhead more as well, but prefer Dagny Taggart to Ms. Francon.

    Jen: Because if I wanted to replace the little shelf support dowel that was lost in the move with a matching one, I’d have to get it from Ikea. And one cannot order such things from their website.

    I do need a friend with a truck. Or, I suppose, I could rent one. Either way, it needs to be in stock nearby before I can even get into that.

    Lisa: I had not looked there, but the website seems worthwhile! Thanks for the tip.

    The most annoying part of these shipping costs? I still have to put the furniture together myself. ARRRRGH.

  6. vvk said,

    It’s not a truck… but I’ve got a minivan. It can get all but the biggest things. If you need some help picking up some stuff, let me know.

  7. vvk: That’s a really, really nice offer – I will let you know. Thanks!

  8. […] have one lone bookcase at the moment, one that I’ll probably move to the living room when the Hunt for Black-Brown Bookcase is over.  But it’s my sole opportunity to have books out, so I’ve emptied one or two […]

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