June 10, 2009

Skeletons. Neatly packed and boxed.

Posted in *cringe*, Nerdiness, The Gnomes, The Happy at 8:47 am by Dagny Taggart

Last night, I made several trips down to my lovely new storage area, so I could bring down empty box after empty box. 

The still-full boxes?  They’re in the closet.  And what’s in them, you might ask?


As you may have guessed, I’m not your average girl.  Or typical.  Or normal.  And I’m okay with that – but it seems that certain aspects of my personality are therefore … less relatable than others, at least in the circles where I’ve found myself since middle school or so.

So I have one lone bookcase at the moment, one that I’ll probably move to the living room when the Hunt for Black-Brown Bookcase is over.  But it’s my sole opportunity to have books out, so I’ve emptied one or two boxes onto its shelves.   The books that made it out are the socially acceptable classics – the Henry James and Poe and Smollet and Bronte and Austen and Shakespeare and Marlowe and Orwell and Von Eschenbach that publicly kept me company at Ye Merrye Olde College.  And some of the pretty books – mostly casebooks.  They might make me twitch with PTSD, but they’re nice-looking.

In the closet, though – that’s where you’ll find my skeletons.  My evidence of years as a science fiction/fantasy nerd.  David Eddings galore*, Robert Jordans (up to the point where I honestly just couldn’t take it anymore), Diana Gabaldon (more historical fantasy than fantasy, I suppose), Jacqueline Carey, Terry Goodkind, Melanie Rawn, Weiss & Hickman, et cetera, et cetera. 

I’ve resolved to bring them out, though.  Just as soon as I’ve acquired bookcase(s) enough to showcase them all, I’m dusting those skeletons off and exposing my nerditude to the world at large.

Or, you know.  Just those who are unfortunate enough to visit the new abode at some point.

*I own almost all of these.  To be fair, I started reading them when I was pretty young, and at the beach, and my parents started buying me the new one every year for Christmas.  But dear lord, are these examples of a good story poorly told.


  1. If you own your inner dorkiness, then it loses it’s power over you. I know a guy who’s a cage fighter who’s got some nerd skeletons (used to collect comic books and play dungeons and dragons). He’s not ashamed to talk about it though, so it becomes not nerdy (also, you don’t want to mock someone who fights in cages for money).

    I don’t think anyone should feel shame. Guilt is feeling bad for something you did, but shame is feeling bad for who you are. Don’t ever feel ashamed for any part of yourself.


    P.S. Nerdy things I have done in the past: Collected comic books, ballroom danced, watched sci-fi, played the cello.

  2. Alias Faux said,


    Hell yes!



  3. vvk said,

    I still have a minor grudge against the friend who introduced me to The Eye of the World… I’d asked her for some random light reading after exams had ended. She handed me a first edition that didn’t say it was part of a series on the cover. More than a decade later, I’m still waiting for the series to end. They announced earlier this year that the final book Rigney (aka Jordan) was writing when he passed away will be split into three volumes published over the next two years… The first one to be release this November. So there will be 14 books (I think) and god knows how many thousands of pages. ARGH! Why did she ever hand me that book.

    I wish I had the ability to leave a story mid stream.

  4. vvk said,

    Also, it’s good to let your inner nerd out.

  5. sweet jesus! a closet story…on the eve of Pride weekend no less…awesome…fly your freak flag sugar!! xoxo

  6. HIN: You know, I don’t feel guilty or ashamed. It’s just sometimes easier to blend in, all things considered. My real friends do, indeed, know and embrace my nerd side.

    Alias Faux: How… enthusiastic. 😉

    vvk: I don’t remember who told me about that series. I think I found it to be, at least, less sanctimonious than the Sword of Truth nonsense. So at least there’s that. As for my inner nerd, she does seem to have the run of the place around here. 🙂

    suicide_blond: I wonder what a nerd pride flag looks like. Something in 8-bit, perhaps involving green text on a black background?

  7. Lisa said,

    Totally agree with VVK – unleash the inner nerd. And doesn’t everyone have some of this in their past? I don’t own any of the books anymore and haven’t read them in years, but I loved the Dune series, and I remember liking Piers Anthony a whole lot.

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