June 16, 2009


Posted in *cringe*, Darth Vaguer, Present, The Aaaarrrghhhhh!, The WTF at 8:21 am by Dagny Taggart

“What has no arms and no legs and is a drama queen?”

It’s mean, but it makes me giggle. 

With people hell-bent on dragging you into their drama, either directly or by ensaring mutual friends, there is only one effective response, and it must be used both to the source and to anyone choosing to involve themselves with the source.

Distinctly.  Not.  My.  Problem.

Ignore any and all attempts by any party to paint you with a vile shade of guilt.  If the parties involved are over 18, they are adults and should be capable of managing their own lives.  Sometimes, being a good friend means not feeding the trolls.

Rinse.  Repeat as necessary.  Survey the pristine, puffy-clouded drama-free existence you’ve established, and smile.



  1. Beach Bum said,

    Totally agree! If you get involved in other people’s drama, at the end it becomes your fault — when it wasn’t even your problem to begin with!

  2. Lisa said,

    Yes, absolutely agree. Stay far from the needless drama. No feeding the trolls.

  3. Beach Bum: Indeed. Any kind of drama-related activity means you’re giving the drama energy. Stay away from the light!

    Lisa: The only problem is, what if it’s a nice troll like Bluto from the movie Labrynth? What then? *sigh*

  4. Alias Faux said,


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