July 2, 2009

Let me get you… a copy… of that

Posted in The Aaaarrrghhhhh!, The OCD, The Why at 8:29 am by Dagny Taggart


In all seriousness, what’s up with the high-volume metro commute today, people?  Did you miss out on the fact that a huge chunk of us have tomorrow off, which means that you should have taken today off, so as to get a head start on the mass exodus to various mid-Atlantic beaches?

Since you didn’t get the memo, and I’m really grouchy when I get less than 5 hours’ sleep, let me give you a tip or two.

1)  Don’t step on my feet.  Definitely don’t do it 3 times.  It’s not that difficult – I’m seated, and my feet are stationary and as tucked under the seat as I can get them.  My feet?  Not moving.  So avoiding them should be simple.

2)  If you must step on my feet, please take note of the headphones I’m sporting (a very fasionable purple set) and realize that your apology will not be heard, and is probably not necessary. 

3)  If you must apologize, based on compulsory points of etiquette drilled into you by a parent or other delightfully old-fashioned figure, do not – I repeat, do NOT – touch my leg to make sure I’ve heard you, thus forcing me to give up the slim comfort of the slight doze I’ve managed to achieve in this, the fifth circle of hell. 

I understand that there’s a generally accepted dearth of personal space on public transportation, but let’s not go out of our way to make that worse, shall we?

Ugh.  Anyone have a RedBull?



  1. carrie m said,

    seriously – why is everyone still in town? I was hoping for a whole week of lighter metro and regular traffic, or at the very least today. Instead it’s been 4 days of hell, both ways. And to the gym. Isn’t Ocean City (Md, not NJ) calling you idiots away like the Pied Piper?????

    • I don’t know – maybe nobody believed we’d actually have sun this weekend? Argh.

  2. Jen said,

    Are you really pissed off because someone made a special effort to be nice and apologize for stepping on your foot? Sounds to me like someone has a case of the Mondays!!!

    • Oh, I most definitely have a bad case of sleep deprivation, which isn’t helping my mood – but I do think that if someone’s seated with their eyes closed and iPod headphones in, pushing their leg repeatedly to wake them up so you can apologize for stepping on their foot is a bit much.

      Clearly, I require caffeine. And, likely, some form of chocolate. 🙂

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