July 6, 2009

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Posted in Darth Vaguer, Nerdiness, nutella, The Happy at 8:24 am by Dagny Taggart

The second, in my case, is deciding I don’t really care if I have a problem, and ordering the furniture in chocolate brown (the riviera fabric, if you’re that curious) anyway.   Welcome to the world of furniture that does not require an allen wrench for assembly, indeed.

It’s actually a darker shade than Nutella – it’s almost an espresso.  And I’m not really a big coffee drinker.  Now, espresso beans covered in chocolate?  Might not be safe around me.

It was a lovely, relaxing weekend – the kind that didn’t involve too much driving or planning, where I consciously opted to not challenge myself overly much (though, I did make my best batch of Italian sausage ever).  Right down to letting myself use earplugs while watching the fireworks, so the sharp, sudden bangs turned into dreamy, cinematic pops and I could relax on the lawn in the beautifully clear night.

It was a good weekend, one in which I was able to get a few areas of my brain de-cluttered.  Independence Day, indeed.



  1. miss. chief said,

    smart thinking. i never remember earplugs until i’m halfway through the fireworks/concert/loud thing

  2. Lisa said,

    Lovely choice. Pretty, veryvery pretty and very grown up! I’m certain you’ll love it.

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