July 8, 2009

Better late than never

Posted in Nerdiness, nutella, Past, Present at 8:17 am by Dagny Taggart

It’s memetime!

  • You’re about to get into the Cash Cab in NYC.  You can choose any two or three people (from your actual life) to be with you.  Name the people with you and why?
  • My dad, and V.  In both cases, because they are  among the most knowledgeable people I know, and would be fun to hang out with afterward.  Additionally, should we not answer all of the questions correctly, they’d be as interested as me in finding out the correct answer before continuing with our evening.  Well, unless we were on our way to a Yankees game, in the case of Mr. Taggart, which is just fine by me.

  • The TV gods have appeared before you in the form of a burning remote.  They instruct you to select any canceled television show to be returned to the airwaves.  You do, however, have to make your case to them.  What show, what’s your argument in favor?
  • Well… given that my current lineup is mostly reality TV, when I can catch it, I’m probably not the person to ask this question.  But I’m torn between Firefly, and Press Your Luck.  The first, because it was actually good.  The second, because you can never hear “No Whammies!” too often.

  • It’s not summer in DC (or your city of origin, or your favorite city if you wish) without _______________?
  • Well… for me, summer can be pretty much contained in a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen.  Something about that cloying, coconut scent.  But in DC?  It’s not summer without decent seats at a baseball game for pretty reasonable prices.

  • The best summer accessory in your repertoire is?
  • A gorgeous, blue silk scarf I received as a birthday gift.  Thanks!

  • It took you a while to get on board with the _______________ trend but once you did, you don’t know how you lived without it.
  • Macbook.  I was a staunch PC user for the longest time, but now I know I can’t go back. 

  • The song to which you are embarrassed to admit that you know all of the words?
  • I have to pick one?  We already know about Ice Ice Baby… oh.  Um.  Yeah.  Sigh.  This one is really, really bad, people.  “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.  Zig-a-zig-ah, indeed.

  • Your favorite memory of summer is?
  • Cedar Point, OH last year.  The Millenium Force roller coaster.  That was a seriously fun trip, and definitely the best roller coaster I’ve ever been on, by a factor of at least 10. 

  • The memory you would love to create this summer is?
  • Well, it’s not so much for me to create, but I’m really looking forward to celebrating my friends’ future together.

  • According to Confucius, real knowledge exists in the understanding of what one doesn’t know.  What don’t you know?
  • I don’t know how to properly catch anything, or how to properly use my lovely Shun knives.  I don’t know how to make friends easily, or how to use my time better.  I don’t know as much as I’d like about world history, or how to speak Spanish (yet).

  • What question do you wish were included in this meme?  What is your favorite summer dish?
  • My answer?  Probably a Caprese salad.



    1. Jo said,

      Hooray for Firefly! Maybe we can all use our magic remotes to bring it back!

    2. carrie m said,

      Just to make you guys happy – I borrowed the series from someone and will be watching it so I can be a Firefly convert too.

    3. Lisa said,

      Well, lovey, I’m so delighted the blue scarf makes the summer list! And seriously? Honesttogoodness? That ridiculous zig a zig ah! song was playing on my iPod this morning as I was walking to work, and I was thinking that I really shouldn’t know enough of the words to sing along.

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