August 3, 2009

Inspector Gadget

Posted in *cringe*, Project: Fail, The Gnomes, The WTF at 7:46 am by Dagny Taggart

Yours truly was at the Tori show Saturday night.  It made me really, really happy.  She was in top form, and the setlist was lovely, and I had really great company, and it was definitely one of my best concert experiences thus far.   

What was NOT one of my best experiences thus far, was returning to my abode all set to make a tasty late dinner of risotto and sweet Italian sausage, only to find that I was not alone.  I went to clear off my kitchen counter, and there it was.  Lurking under an envelope, at least until the envelope was removed, and then hastily smooshed in a paper towel.  Which was then sprayed with bleach.  And smooshed some more.  And thrown out, and then sealed up in the trash bag, and then carried down to the trash room despite the bag only being half full.

This is the only such creature I’ve seen thus far, and it was clearly an adult.  And given that I’ve only lived there for two months, really, and that the place was vacant for at least 6 months before that, I’m inclined to conclude that they’re not calling from inside the house.  Rather, they’re migrating from elsewhere.

Ergo, in addition to purchasing various toxic substances, I’m going to find out from where.   As much as I like to be a tolerant, easygoing neighbor, I have issues with other people’s bugs.

Any pest control tips would be much appreciated – I’ve not ever encountered this particular issue before.



  1. Alias Faux said,

    Bomb the house.

    If they’re coming from a neighbor’s place, there’s really not much you can do, aside from periodically bombing the house, and perhaps surreptitiously bombing all your neighbors’ places.

  2. vvk said,

    I’ve had good luck with these:

    If you don’t have a major infestation problem, they can usually nip things before they get too bad. Once they get bad, then you have to bomb things.

  3. Alias Faux: “A buh?” “No, not a buh – a bomb!”
    I think a bomb might be a little extreme – I’ve only seen two since I moved in. But it might be in order for the laundry/recycling room a few floors below…

    vvk: Thanks for the tip – I’ll pick some up ASAP!

  4. Lisa said,


    You dealt with it so much better than I would’ve. I don’t move fast enough and I get completely hysterical.

    Boric acid powder, as I recall, is good. And I think non-toxic (but maybe I am making this part up.)

  5. miss. chief said,

    ewww – i’ve lived in some pretty buggy places. the worst was uh…3 houses ago, when i was on an exchange in mexico. we had termites in the ceiling, we had mice, ants, cockroaches AND mother effing giant scorpions!!!
    it was an adventure

    but i have to say, it made me realize that i can survive anywhere, haha

  6. Beach Bum said,

    Check with your condo if they have a pest control service included with your condo fees. Mine is included with our condo fees, and we can have him service our place anytime we want. A lot of people don’t know that, and I only found out after serving on the board.

    I had a huge problem here for about a year or so. Definitely due to neighbors, but no way to stop it coming to my place since I always had food and water out because of the cat. It got worse when we were changing our very old cooling tower, and all that old stuff was dug up. I even considered buying a gecko and setting it loose in my building (they eat bugs, no?).

    The condo board decided to stop making the pest control service optional, and have it mandatory days when it does a floor every other week and the whole building every month or so. Haven’t seen a roach in months, thankfully!!

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