August 4, 2009

She… she got it right. All of it.

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As some of you may know, Dr. Taggart spent just over a month teaching engineers the finer points of accounting, this summer. 

In China.  Because it would be entirely too easy to do it here in the States – that’s old hat.

She brought my dad along as a translator.  Not that Mr. Taggart speaks Chinese at all, but he DOES speak engineer.

Anyway, my parents are at the age where they don’t travel well, so much.  Certainly not when the (included in her compensation) digs are associated with a university, meaning not so much on a star rating scale.  Mr. Taggart, at 6’6″, was in a twin bed, in China.  Dr. Taggart was forced to ration the coffee she’d packed “just in case”, as there seemed to be a cultural divide over the appropriate consistency.

Still, they survived, and got to see some wonderful things, and have had mostly positive things to say about the trip.  I’m thinking of heading up there in just over a month, to see them and possibly attend my 13-year high-school reunion.

What, like all your class presidents were organized and driven and responsible. We went with the funny guy!

But I’m headed to the Bahamas on Thursday, and then to Vegas a few weeks after that, and my mom thought I’d be able to use some of the things they picked up for me before then.  When she called to let me know to expect them, I have to say I was a little apprehensive.  Our tastes don’t tend to overlap, and historically, her choices for me have been much more reflective of what she’d like to see on me, than what I would like to put on me.

But this time?  I’m floored.  A shirt I can wear to work, in slightly bolder colors than I’d normally pick, but the absolute perfect cut and style.  An absolutely stunning lace bolero, that I’m excited to wear for my next princessy night on the town.  A necklace that, once again, is slightly bolder than I would pick for myself, but which I can’t wait to show off this coming trip, and another necklace that is so *very* me I could cry.

I might have, actually, just a little.  Because, well… I think she sees me.  At least a little.  And likes what she sees, at least a little.



  1. Beach Bum said,

    This made me smile 🙂

  2. vvk said,


  3. I wonder which of you has changed more lately, not that it matters because this is clearly one of those bonding moments.

  4. Lisa said,

    These sound BEAUTIFUL. And it is hard, no matter how close you are to the person, to pick perfect clothing and jewelry. I think you must be right – she sees you. For you.

    I would love to see pics! Or perhaps in person? Post fabulous vacations, of course!

  5. Beach Bum: Me, too.

    vvk: 🙂 indeed.

    restaurant refugee: That’s an interesting question, though.

    Lisa: How’s about pics AND in person! I suspect I’ll at least have the opportunity to wear some of the jewelry while I’m away…

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