August 17, 2009

Yum! And, snnnrrrkkkzzzz.

Posted in But I am... le sick at 6:57 am by Dagny Taggart

After spending roughly seven hours at the pool hall yesterday, I was a mite hungry.  Having recently discovered that there is some Indian food that I like, and being in a part of Northern Virginia where one might reasonably expect to find pretty good Indian food, according to this guy, we opted to check out a place.

Here’s the rub:  I grew up in a non-spicy household.  The Dutch and the Polish do a lot of things well – tastiness out of humble ingredients, creative application of animal fats, farmers cheese good enough to make you cry, and serious skillz in the manufacture and consumption of adult beverages.  But we don’t do spicy, unless you count horseradish.  Which I don’t, because it is a clean burn with limited aftertaste.

But when we looked at the menu, the spicy garlic shrimp seemed like a safe place to start.  Spicy garlic shrimp are in every cuisine *except* northern and eastern European varieties, so it seemed like a safe bet.  And it was tasty, though it took my palate a good 12-15 minutes to recover enough to taste my Seekh Kebab Masala.  Which was pretty tasty, once the flavors registered on my tongue.

And after a long day, I fell asleep pretty easily.  But then I woke up.  At 3.  At 3:30.  At 4:05.  At 5:00.  Ten-minute naps interspersed with periods of gastrointestinal contrition and debate about whether a run would help.

I did not run.  Or sleep.  I did, however, resolve to keep large quantities of peppermint tea and Pepto on hand for future dietary adventures.

Is abdominal insomnia a valid excuse for not coming into work?



  1. Lisa said,

    Probably a good call on the no run with the upset tummy.

    I love horseradish. I also love Indian food, but rarely eat it – not because of the spice, because I can tolerate hothothot – but because it tends to makes me feel too full and fat and heavy.

  2. Alias Faux said,

    As your pool hall is in my hometown, I’m curious where you went.

    If, by chance, you went to Minerva, you made the right/wrong call.

    Minerva is the indian joint where all the indians I know go. Thus it is the best indian joint around.

    It is also the hottest, as I got a mild biryani there one time that smoked me right out. I had to ask the waiter for an entire new bowl of raita.

  3. Lisa: I was experiencing some of that as well – my body just doesn’t know what to do with it!

    Alias Faux: Angeethi – it was well reviewed by that guy. It’s good to know about Minerva though, as that was definitely a consideration – and I know someone who would prefer the spicier stuff!

  4. Alias Faux said,

    Angeethi is good (if expensive), but watch your knees on the tables:)

    FWIW, Angeethi’s saagwala is really good.

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