August 20, 2009

For love of punctuation…

Posted in *cringe*, But I am... le sick, Nerdiness at 9:53 pm by Dagny Taggart

I’ve known for quite some time that German Chocolate Cake did not, in fact, originate in Germany.  Nope, it was named after the guy who made the chocolate that the woman who came up with the recipe used.  German brand chocolate.  Ya dig?

But just now, it occurred to me that this means that the Cold Stone Creamery confection, which bears such a beautiful excess of umlauts, my absolute favorite punctuation still in use today (the interrobang is CLEARLY the most awesome punctuation evar, and I want a birthday cake in the shape of one, frosted with Nutella)…

Wow.  Um, I’m sorry.  It’s the broth/pretzel/gatorade/teawithhoney diet talking.

The point is, that the Cold Stone Creamery thing is completely WRONG and should be stripped of its umlauts and this makes me sad.

I so need to get out of the apartment.  Let’s hope I’m well enough to return to the office tomorrow, mmmmkay?



  1. Brian said,

    Well, let’s all just be glad it’s not Spanish chocolate, because then it would be chocolatekaka, and sales would fall off considerably.

    Interrobang: a very probing question.

  2. Alias Faux said,

    Also, if you’ve ever heard a letter with an umlaut pronounced correctly, you’d know that there’s no word in the English language that could possibly call for one.

    Umlauts move the vowel sound way back in the throat (think Swedish Chef, but further back), and we just don’t sound like this (except for maybe people from Wisconsin).

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