August 21, 2009

And this is why I can’t have nice things!

Posted in 8-ball - pool not narcotics at 8:10 am by Dagny Taggart

Yeah, I really don’t know what to say about last night’s post.  Just consider it cabin fever run amok.

Next week, for the entire week, I will be in Las Vegas.  For pool.  Hopefully, for some stretches of time, BY the pool, which I am assured is very nice at 5-star hotels. 

Our tourney schedule is going to be a little crazy, so there’s a chance I’ll be investigating 5-hour energy vials, if my body’s up to it.  With any luck, I’ll get to investigate some seriously tasty food – thus far, I’ve been told about a couple of buffets I *have* to try and a crêpe place that will supply me with my favorite treat. 

Here’s the thing.  I’m not at all sure I’ll have time to post anything.  Which doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means that I wasn’t really planning on bringing my laptop and I haven’t the foggiest notion whether (1) the hotel will charge me a kidney for internet usage or (2) if I’ll even have time to find out.

So, in case I’m  quiet next week, spend some time exploring those folks over there, on the sidebar.  I mean, you should be reading these people anyway.  But go ahead, check ’em out.  And have a wonderful week!



  1. Beach Bum said,

    Have a blast and kick some ass 🙂

    And remember: calories on vacation don’t count!

  2. Beach Bum: Thanks! And… that’s good to know, but I suspect I’ll be taking advantage of what a 5-star hotel’s gym has to offer at least once or twice!

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