September 14, 2009

Sorry, I just got up

Posted in But I am... le sick, Nerdiness, Oubliette, Past, The Happy, The Why, The WTF at 11:38 am by Dagny Taggart

I drove to the land of milk and honey Saturday morning, planning on accomplishing a few things:

1) do laundry at the parents’ house, even though I have not been in college for a LONG time, simply because their machines do a wonderful job AND don’t deplete my precious supply of quarters.

2)  get reasonably gussied up, in a casual, i’m-not-trying-too-hard way.

3)  attend my high school reunion

4)  stay at Sibling’s, and thus be greeted with a giant hug at the end of the night.

Nothing went according to plan.

a)  Parents were out of town, which I’d known about, except that they forgot I’d be coming up and turned the water off in the house.

b)  I finally got ahold of them when I was supposed to leave, and was able to turn the water on for just long enough to wash my face and apply a little makeup, but nothing more thorough.

c)  I was a half hour late to the reunion, and couldn’t remember who at least 7 people were, despite having graduated with a relatively small (200-ish) class, of which roughly 65 were in attendance.

  1. I did a lot of talking, a fair amount of which was devoted to figuring out who people were.
  2. I was starting to lose my voice by the end of the evening.

d)  I drove to Siblings, frustrated with windy rainy-ness and what seemed like an especially dark evening, and was especially excited to be in a home-like Place when I got there.  Except that the door was locked, which was kind of weird.  And so I used my key, and saw that the house was dark – clearly, everyone had headed to bed, at 9:45 pm (such is life with two-year-old twins).  And so I crept up the stairs, and apparently gave Sibling and Sibling Husband heart attacks, as they’d momentarily forgotten I was coming.

And I most definitely didn’t plan on getting sick enough to sleep for 13 hours and STILL feel like coughing hard enough to expel a lung.

But I will say, that it was all worth it.  It was lovely to see people I’d lost touch with, and especially lovely to see how well everyone was doing.  And really, just a relief that putting myself back in a place filled with high school didn’t turn me back into my high-school-self, not even for a minute.  Even if my parents forgot me, AGAIN.



  1. A boy named BLVD said,

    1) Was “Jake Ryan” there and if so, was he a huge disappointment?

    2) To your knowledge, did you cause any necks to crane or cause any permanent vertebrae damage?

    3) And did you claim to have invented post-its?

    …just wondering. Thinking perhaps a reality show could be spawned from this kind of event.

  2. BLVD: A) Jake Ryan didn’t show, but Jordan Catalano leaned really well.

    B) Not in the least.

    C) No, but I did take credit for quashing the whole “orange is the new pink” absurdity.

  3. Brian said,

    re: D) – I had a friend in college, whose mother was former Secret Service (he once told me the story of her taking out a snake in the yard from the porch). Anyway, whenever he made a random trip home, if he got home later than Mom went to bed, he pretty much slept in his car. Because nothing ruins a surprise visit like gunfire.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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