September 30, 2009

Costume Repair Shop

Posted in Darth Vaguer, Project: Fail, The Where, The Who, The Why, The WTF at 9:15 am by Dagny Taggart

As I’ve hinted, and as some of you know, there is a significant source of stress in my life, and I just can’t seem to get past it right now.  There are so many things I could write, but they’re all negative and angsty and possessed of serious potential for getting me into trouble.  What energy I have has been going towards making other improvements, things that need to be handled ASAP.

So a few things have been falling by the wayside.  As I understand it, this is what my parents were talking about when they said things like “priorities in order” and “long-term planning.”  Which I suppose means something beyond paying my mortgage and other bills for the next couple of months, and where I’m going to spend Thanksgiving.

Any advice is always appreciated.  Even if you don’t know the specifics, give it a shot.  What should I do?



  1. Shannon said,

    How to make a long-term plan? Hell if I know. One thing I do to get through hard times, though, is to always have something to look forward to. Schedule a random Wednesday off work for a month from now. Then when things look ugly, you can imagine yourself spending a whole day in your jammies watching old movies.

  2. Lisa said,

    Listen, lady, you are doing a great job. I would focus on the matters at hand, which you are doing, and moving yourself to a better, less angsty place. There’s time for the long-range planning. (Says the woman who can’t make a long-range plan to save her life.)

  3. vvk said,

    In certain things, long term planning makes sense. Things like finance and education. I put some money in my retirement accounts every month, etc…

    But honestly, I don’t see the point in a lot of long term personal planning. I’m a much bigger fan of taking care of today, and possibly some short and medium term planning. Short term == the next couple of days. Medium term == the next couple of months.

    I know too many people who work themselves into a depressive / angsty state by spending so much time thinking about their “long term plans” and comparing themselves to others. They forget about the present and make themselves sick. Their worry often causes them to lose focus on what’s happen now and so they screw that up which affects their long term and they end up in this vicious cycle.

    Take care of today. Plan for next week… and let the future work itself out.

    Also, there’s always alcohol and whining to friends. Both are cathartic.


  4. Shannon: An excellent idea. And, Columbus Day is coming up, which is definitely a cheery prospect!

    Lisa: That’s definitely what I’m trying to do. I would just feel more *comfortable* if I had some long-range answers… or was even more sure of what I wanted.

    vvk: And I think I’ve been doing some of that, and you’re right – I’d benefit much more from doing today well, and not worrying so much about things that could very easily change. And I’d probably benefit from more alcohol, too!

  5. Alias Faux said,

    Just curious, I (being a huge geek), owned a compilation of Batman fan fiction. That’s not where you got the title for this thread, is it?

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