October 8, 2009


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…has anyone ever done a study to correllate evil dictator/mass-murderer types with insomniacs?  Just wondering…

In other news, I need something to do besides eat when I’m stressed.  Since I’m not going to stop being stressed anytime soon – we’re talking 2-3 months, absolute bare-bones minimum, and I would like to fit into my clothes for the foreseeable future, the eating has to stop.

Any other stress-eaters out there?  How do you do it?  And if you aren’t a stress-eater, what do you do when you’re stressed?

The future of my waistbands, and the greater Washington DC area’s supply of candy corn, may depend on your answers.



  1. Shannon said,

    I am a huge stress eater. What works for me, at least somewhat, is making sure I have plenty of healthy snacks around – apple slices with peanut butter, etc. And if I do get a craving, I have a few pieces of candy, not the entire two-pound bag.

  2. Getting Fit said,

    I’m a stress eater as well 😦 I usually try to keep myself busy so I don’t snack around.

    How about sugar-free jello? A whole box of it has 40 calories, and that’s a lot of jello to keep you busy… You can always get the unflavored gelatin packs and mix it with tea so you have tea-jello with no calories!

    Now that I’m officially on a diet, and stressed out as well, I’m eating a lot of jello. And fruits (but then again, I have always had an issue with fruits — I can eat a lot of it in one sitting…)

  3. vvk said,

    My favorite things to do when stressed (other than eating):

    1) Pace or walk laps around the building. If I can get people to walk around with me, this can actually be both productive and stress releasing.

    2) Take a few minutes away from the things that are stressing me and go either whine to a friend *about something else* or go listen to a friend whine. Somehow the distractions and the whining help, even if they aren’t about work.

    3) Grab some light, non-work related reading, and go sit in the library or cafeteria or some place where people won’t disturb me and read a long article.

    I’ve also recently returned to my old policy of never eating at my desk and never working during lunch. I’ll either have a non-work lunch with friends, or go read something outside in the cafeteria. This helps break up the day.

    Good luck.

  4. Shannon: See, for me, having just one or two pieces of candy is not an option. I need to not have it around at all, I’m afraid…

    Getting Fit: Ack! Hm. I might be able to deal with pudding, and less of it – jello really bothers me, unless it’s the adult kind. The tea thing might work, though – I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

    vvk: See, now that’s a rule I need to instate. I nearly always have lunch at my desk, and I think that’s a big part of my problem. Thanks!

  5. Why don’t you try meditation? IMCW has a few places in the DC area (biggest is in Bethesda) where you can go get your zen on. It’s very relaxing..like a mental enema.

    You could also do exercise. Kickboxing is very cathartic, you can take your aggression out on the bags.

  6. Lisa said,

    All I can do is empathize. I don’t know how to not eat when I’m stressed. And all these articles that are all, “Want something crunchy? Eat a carrot instead of potato chips! Want something sweet? Have an orange instead of chocolate!” make me stabby. Because when I want chocolate, I want chocolate. So I’ll eat the orange and then some chocolate.

  7. Brian said,

    I buy people candy corn.

    So I am probably not a very good resource for you.

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