October 12, 2009


Posted in *cringe*, Project: Fail, The Round at 10:35 am by Dagny Taggart

Dagny:  Okay – so, I’ve done well over 200 lbs on the more mechanized version of you, so I should be able to do at least 200 on you.

Manly Leg Press Machine:  …

Dagny:  Okay.  Well, we’ll start with a little less than that, just to be on the safe side and make sure my form is okay.  A couple of big plates, a few smaller plates…

MLPM:  … (hehehe)

Dagny:  Okay, all set.  Let’s just get in the machine here, extend my legs past the safety latch point, release the locking mechanism, and… go.

MLPM:  … (having fun yet?)

Dagny:  Oh.  Um.  Hm.  This isn’t nearly has hard on the other… um.  I can’t… erg.  Am I doing this wrong?

MLPM:  (Mwahahahahaha.)

Dagny:  I really can’t even come close to pushing this back up.  And.  I can’t just stay like this forever…

MLPM:  (Heeeeee heeeeeeeee.  Ohhh hohohoho.)

Dagny:  Okay, I concede my weakling status.  But.. um.  This isn’t going to end…


Dagny:  Mrrmmphhhh.  Ow.

Thankfully, your author has an extra day to recover before her commute requires any extended walking.


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