October 28, 2009


Posted in *cringe*, Project: Fail at 6:59 am by Dagny Taggart

I woke up this morning, certain that I’d forgotten something.  What was it?  Aaaaaggghhh.

5:15 crept by, then 5:30… and I couldn’t remember.  And if I couldn’t remember, I pondered resentfully, I could at LEAST be getting more than 4 hours of sleep.

And then it hit me.  Those yellow pieces of paper on my refrigerator, the ones symbolizing the ticket I’d gotten for a broken headlight¹ months before.  The headlight I’d had repaired, but the ticket I’d not yet paid.  It was after the court date, it was nearly November and the date was in October, it had to be.

Ah, but wait!  There, on the piece of paper, was the court date.  It said the 28th!  And today… is the 28th!  I’m not in contempt after all!

Whew.  Just… whew.

Yeah.  So I’ll be taking a wee detour this morning, it seems.  But at least it won’t be a contemptuous one.


¹Oh, yeah.  So, my headlights were BOTH functioning when I departed my point of origin that night – I remember seeing them both shining on the garage door.  Which means it had to have stopped working between there and the speed trap I passed through, where the officer decided a busted headlight was worth pulling me over for.  Probably when I stopped to get gas.  Since then, I’m super paranoid about it – always checking to see if I can see two pools of light on the road ahead of me, which is probably impairing the quality of my driving.


  1. I once got out of a speeding ticket because the officer decided to write me a repair order for a headlight instead. I didn’t know you could get a TICKET for having it broken, though — up in Baltimore, you get a repair order, get the item fixed, have a police officer or certified mechanic sign off on it, and mail it back in, or your tags get yanked.

  2. Lisa said,

    Eeeeee – stress! Yay for the nick of time!

  3. Meghan said,

    Urgh! Doesn’t that drive you nuts??!? I mean I realize that they catch the majority of major criminals through routine traffic stops but when they stop me for a seat belt or doing 74 in a 70 I really have to bite my tongue not to say “Shouldn’t you be out chasing murderers, rapists and drug dealers instead of worrying if I have fully operational headlights??”

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