October 29, 2009


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I need some.

I have sufficient quantities of cute/witty tshirts for pool and the like.  I have a reasonable amount of shirts for work.  What I don’t have, is shirts I like for going out.

Because shirts for going out need to be cute, but not over the top.  I need to be able to wear it to a variety of locations, from semi-nice restaurants to lounges to the ever-present possibility of pool on a weekend night.  And I don’t want to look schlubby, or overdressed, or like I’m desperately trying to recapture my undergrad days through bellybutton exposure.

But I HATE tunic tops.  Loathe them!  And I’m getting bored with tops in solids – I’d like a couple things in prints, but nothing so memorable that I couldn’t wear it more than once.  I want to look cute!  But not teenybopper cute!  I’m soboredicouldcry by Limited and Express, but have not the budget for more than $50 or so per shirt.

Also, given that I am a BOUS (Blogger of Unusual Stature), I’d prefer the tops to not be of the sort that are supposed to end right at the waist – because even if those are technically supposed to conceal the midriff, they will not, so much, on me. 

Anyone have any ideas?  Where do you shop that isn’t a massive chain?  How do you avoid the dreaded Dolman sleeve?  Where can I find some clooooootheeessssss?



  1. Shannon said,

    I’m a Blogger of Unusually Short Stature, but find a lot of tops to be sort of midriff-baring teenybop as well. I buy long, tissue-thin tank tops from Target and layer them over cute tops from H&M and Banana Republic. I also pick up a lot of secondhand and vintage stuff – Secondi in Dupont is a great resource.

  2. Carla said,

    Hmmmmm… H&M? Even Target might surprise you (they have tons of stuff online, usually is free shipping for more than $50, and you can return anything at the store).

    I used to love shopping at esprit.com but haven’t checked out their site in months (avoiding shopping and all of that).

    I bought loads of cute dresses on this website: http://www.bodyc.com — though there are no physical stores nearby, you can just return what you don’t like (their sizing runs small, so go a size up then you would when buying at other stores — basically they’re the size you would buy if you were buying something 10 years ago before the whole vanity sizing crap started).

    Ah, and if you pop by in NYC next time you visit your family in Jersey, there are tons of non-chain cheap & trendy stores on Broadway in SoHo (cheap as in less than $20 for a cute top). I usually take the train to Canal, then walk up Broadway from Chinatown up hitting the stores and stopping at Pearl River Mart as well which I love.

  3. Meghan said,

    I’m with Shannon. Usually a little layering does the trick. And if you’re looking for cheap, as embarassed as I am to admit this, I may have bought a top or six from Forever XXI.

    But Shannon is spot on, Target and secondhand/vintage stores are where a lot of my going out tops come from.

  4. Shannon: That’s a very good idea – also, thanks for the vintage shop recommendation! I’ll be looking there postehaste.

    Carla: Thanks for reminding me about Esprit – I’d forgotten about that store. That reminded me of Bennetton, which I’ll also check out. And since I think I’ve been guilted into going home for Thanksgiving, I will probably take the opportunity to pop into the city for a bit.

    Meghan: Hahaha – I’d also forgotten about Forever XXI – which, ironically, is owned by really conservative Christians. Seems like I’ll have to start really exploring those secondhand and vintage places. Thanks!

  5. Lisa said,

    I am boring – I wear black t-shirts all the time. I wore more shirts when preg, because suddenly I felt attractive in the baby doll styles. But I really like simple shirts with a big, chunk necklace or a scarf or something. And I always feel like Gap, Banana, J Crew make their shirts too long for me. But admittedly, I am a shorty pants.

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