November 4, 2009

My Tree

Posted in But I am... le sick, Nerdiness, the pretty at 10:49 am by Dagny Taggart

So when you’re sick, and working from home, you try to find a good spot that will let you accomplish things with just the right amount of distraction.  For me, this is my lovely chocolate brown chair, that faces my front windows and makes television viewing rather difficult.

Currently, if one looks out the windows, just past my balcony, one’s eyes run into a wall of crimson, orange, gold, and emerald, shot through with twisty dark branches.  It’s the sort of place I would have imagined as a woodland nest, when I was little, where I would have wanted to climb up with a book and nestle myself at the nexus between branch and trunk.  Where I probably would have done exactly that, at least until some insect or worm insinuated itself between my skin and clothing, probably somewhere around the neck.

What I’m grateful for, is that I can still put myself there, in a way… nestle myself between a branch and the trunk, gaze up through the canopy of rainbow leaves, and never worry about insects or slugs.  At least, in between assignments.


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  1. Lisa said,

    My sick little lovey! Can I do anything for you? You will let me know if I can, won’t you?

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