November 16, 2009

Why I can walk today.

Posted in Guilt, Project: Fail, The OCD, The Round at 9:47 am by Dagny Taggart

I’m a slacker.  Kind of.  It’s not my fault – really, it’s not!

I was away from the gym for over a week, thanks to the Cold of Doom and the Hacking Cough of Misery that took up residence in my respiratory system for that period of time.  And then, as soon as I could get back, I did my super-hardcore-awesome leg workout, which was inspired and largely designed by someone who thinks that being in constant muscular pain should give one a sense of accomplishment.

I felt very accomplished for several days after that workout.  Which meant that when I went to the gym on Saturday, it was my arms that took the brunt of the workout, since my legs were telling me they needed another day to recover.  And by that I mean, I was still hobbling around as though I’d been on a horse for 3 days.

So I was planning to go again on Sunday.  And just like that, it dawned clear and balmy and gorgeous, and I was obligated to spend some time outdoors, appreciating the day.  So off for a run I went, and but for one uphill quarter mile at the very end of my route*, appreciated the heck out of the day.  And then I appreciated the heck out of some Jillian Michaels.

Which means I can walk like a normal person today.  Guess I’ll have to try to feel “accomplished” tomorrow.

*That quarter mile was spent head down, music up, desperately trying to force my diaphragm into a sensible rhythm and mentally cursing whatever iceberg had carved out that particular hill.  So, not so much appreciating nature at that point.



  1. just so you know… i was reading an article on any rand this weekend and i could hardly make sense of it.. because…youve sooo come to be these characters for me …that i kept getting confused…youve embodied them ….
    to that i say…
    good job kiddo!

  2. Carla said,

    You still went out for a run! Being a slacker would mean that you decided to enjoy the nice weather by sitting outside with a book!

    I don’t remember the last time I went to the gym — with everything that’s been going on, it has been a while. I’m excited to live in a place that has a gym! That way lack of time and crazy life won’t be an excuse. (And I’ve had the cold of doom for the second time in the last month and a half. NOT fun.)

  3. suicide_blond: Wow, thanks! I’m definitely flattered 🙂

    Carla: I hope you feel better soon – and yay for a place with a gym! That’ll help stave off some of the excuses, I’m sure – but don’t overdo it!

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