November 19, 2009


Posted in Darth Vaguer, The Happy at 10:41 am by Dagny Taggart

Every once in a while, you get a little surprise, exactly when you need it.  Even if you don’t know you need it.  When doubts creep in, and you’re not quite as sure that your life is going to work out the way you think  you want it to, and you wonder if everyone who’s told you to do something else might be right…

A little something happens.  Nothing big, nothing huge.  But maybe you inadvertently give off a sign that you need a tiny little boost.  And someone comes through, and it helps you find your way out of your head, and back to your smile.



  1. freckledk said,

    Sometimes the little things mean the most. Glad you’ve been the beneficiary of a teensy kindness.

  2. Hammer said,

    The gas pump endorses this philosophy and, in an uncharacteristic act of kindness, went so far as to award me a free car wash.

    I got overcharged for the jalepeno slim jims though.

  3. freckledk: Sometimes they do, don’t they? Thanks.

    Hammer: Fascinating. Though one could argue that overpayment is inherent, if one is not getting the jalapeno slim jims for free.

  4. Lisa said,

    I’m glad you’re back to your smile. The little reminder that the universe is smiling at you.

  5. Lisa: You know what else makes me smile? The default monster icons WordPress uses. Yours is particularly cute, today. :o)

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