November 25, 2009

Something I never understood

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Yes, I’m still here.  Staying in the area for this holiday, which means I will be blissfully sleeping instead of braving the I-95 corridor…


I used to work with a woman, who had a very strange way of going about dating.

For example, she’d refer to this one gentleman as “Hometown Boy”.  Given that he was older than she, and she’d had roughly 20 years of adult dating experience, I found this… odd.  And then I realized that she referred to every single one of her suitors as a “boy”.

Over time, I listened to a number of date recaps.  It became clear that she had a set of rules to which she adhered strictly (with the occasional substantial lapse).  There was nothing more than a hug after the first date, and no more than a kiss on the cheek for several dates thereafter.   Unless, of course, the situation in question was one of the aforementioned lapses.

And the thing that I didn’t understand, really, was the pride with which she’d say, “Just a peck on the cheek!”  As though she’d won something, as if she’d just put hotels on both Boardwalk and Park Place, and could see her date’s next roll of the dice about to place him squarely on the more expensive of the two.

I’ve lost touch with her, and have no idea if she’s found what she was looking for.  But I can’t imagine finding a fun, healthy, happy relationship while viewing a date as a zero-sum game from which one could emerge victorious.

What are some bizarre dating behaviors you’ve witnessed?


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  1. Carla said,

    I also know a girl who is in her late 30’s who won’t kiss until the 3rd date. I always thought rules (specially about little things like kissing) are silly… I have kissed on the first date, I have waited to kiss much later when I wasn’t sure. I have waited a couple of weeks and many dates before sleeping with a guy (and dated him for months after that) and I have slept with a guy on the second date and had just a successful relationship that lasted months. It all depends on the person, the comfort level, and for that each person/relationship is different. Why have one unified rule?

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