December 4, 2009


Posted in 8-ball - pool not narcotics, The Happy at 9:20 am by Dagny Taggart


I won my match last night (decisively).  Interestingly, while I was definitely giving thought to strategy, I wasn’t taking nearly as long to aim as I usually do – and yet, I was making shots much more frequently, and more cleanly, than I usually do. 

So clearly, I need to just keep my brain from screwing things up.

But the cherry on top?  Is that I had the highest win percentage in my skill level group, in the league.  Which means I get to go to a special individual tournament in a month or so.  And, I get a shiny trinket.

Yay for shiny trinkets!

Apropos of nothing, I’m ending with this ditty by MC Serch, because I remembered it the other day, was devastated to find that iTunes does not carry it, and then found it on YouTube.  And I think it’s just too fun NOT to share:



  1. Carla said,


  2. Lisa said,

    Congratulations! Awesome awesome awesome!

  3. Brian said,

    Congrats! Way to go. 😀

    No Serch?? iTunes gets the gas face

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