December 7, 2009

A couple of options for today…

Posted in *cringe*, Darth Vaguer, Project: Fail, The Aaaarrrghhhhh!, The Just a Little Sad, The WTF at 8:56 am by Dagny Taggart

(1) Let’s say one is in a precarious position, and Person B has suggested that Person A is significantly responsible for that position – a suggestion that is eminently believable.  However, it is possible that Person B has other reasons to make one believe that Person A is not on one’s side.  To what extent should one drive oneself mad, trying to figure out who one should trust?

(2) Let’s say one has generally prided oneself on giving pretty good presents – not always incredibly expensive, but well-suited and thoughtful.  And one has tried to go above and beyond for a particular person, and thought one succeeded, only to discover through an inadvertent admission, that one’s presents have consistently missed the mark.  What does it say about the connection between the two people, that the gifts have been… not-quite-right?  And how does one go about refining one’s gift radar?

*addendum*:  Apropos of nothing, it’s deep-SEATED, not deep-SEEDED.  As in, with its foundation (seat) far below the surface.



  1. AliasFaux said,

  2. kaapstorm said,

    Concerning #2: If one discovers only by “inadvertent admission”, then what it says about the connection between the two people is that the off-the-mark nature of the gifting may be as a result of insufficient communication; the responsibility of which belongs to both parties, although I’d instinctively say the greater share of responsibility falls on the receiver (although my judgement may be different if I actually knew the parties involved, the natures of their relationship and their communication). So my suggestion would be to try to encourage an improvement of all levels of communication. (And if that is impossible, off-the-mark gifting might be the least of one’s concerns.)

    Re #1: Again, through the mist of ignorance, I’d suggest one should try to extricate oneself from the precarious position without relying on the trustworthiness of Person A or Person B. Who is to say that either is trustworthy?

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