December 9, 2009

Still Thwacked

Posted in *cringe*, Guilt, Project: Fail, The OCD, The Why at 3:27 pm by Dagny Taggart

And consumed with guilt.

Okay, maybe consumed is a little strong.  But I definitely feel guilty.  And not just because Dr. & Mr. Taggart are coming down for a long weekend*.

It’s because they’re staying with me, and I’ve been a bit untidy as of late, and so someone else is cleaning my place for me, which is something I’ve never done before.  Because come ON, I can totally clean my own place.  I know how to clean, I’ve done it before, and not only would I save money if I did it myself, but who am I to ask/pay someone else to clean up my messes?

Yes, I was raised in a very anti-cleaning-service household.  I recognize that there is actually nothing wrong with it, but still, the guilt, it abides.  And maybe if Dr. Taggart had a service come in every so often, I wouldn’t have major allergy issues every time I stayed with them. 

But still.  I dunno.  Has anyone else dealt with this?  If so, did you get over it?

*Dr. Taggart should really patent that Proximity Activated Needle of Guilt (PANG).  All I have to do is realize she’s within 50 miles, and I’m overcome with Generalized Guilt Disorder.



  1. have a vodka tonic hon…or four…

  2. AliasFaux said,

    You should feel guilty, that poor woman came from Guatemala to find a better life for her family, and now she’s cleaning the awful insides of your toilet.

    For shame, Dagny… FOR SHAME!

    no, seriously though, if it was just you, there wouldn’t be 8 million cleaning services in the area. We lead busy lives, and we prioritize our time. Your priorities include more important things than dusting. Imagine if you DIDN’T have anything better to do. Then Dr. T WOULD have something to be dissapointed about.

  3. suicide_blond: Not a bad idea at all…

    Alias Faux: Complete and utter lack of political correctness aside, I think the guilt is more because I should be doing it myself, than because there’s something really wrong with the work. I just grew up in a family that never hired anyone to do anything that wasn’t related to medical care, so I feel like I’m failing, somehow, when I decide to get help.

    And trust me when I say Dr. Taggart would wonder why I’m spending so much time sleeping instead of cleaning my place. Four whole hours, every night?!? I can sleep when, and only when, I’ve finished my chores.

    • AliasFaux said,

      How did Dr. T feel about wire hangars?

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