December 18, 2009

Under Pressure

Posted in 8-ball - pool not narcotics, The Gnomes, The Happy, The Round at 12:37 pm by Dagny Taggart

At least I got it done.  Sort of.

Last one to play, absolutely needed to win, and I won.  Well, my opponent lost, more than I won, but it wasn’t a mere technicality.  But me?  I am not so much the closer.  I don’t bat fourth.  And I certainly wasn’t expecting to play last, to be the deciding factor for my team.

I used to say that I’d rather be lucky than good – but that both would be nice.  Well, I was a little more lucky than good last night, and I think I’d distinctly prefer the ratio weighted the other way.

Today, I’m baking.  The baklava is in the oven, the syrup is made, pans are greased, and all of the things that needed the Cuisinart have been prepped.  From now on, it’s just a matter of putting it all together!

Except for the part where I stop by the store to pick up another jar of peanut butter because there is apparently whipped peanut butter out there, which I didn’t even know to look for, and they haven’t really labeled those jars very clearly.  So!  A new supply of peanut butter, a hop to the gym for my break, and the rest of the day will be spent with my B*tch-a$$ in the kitchen, making mini bourbon caramel apple and mini pecan pies.

Enjoy the glorious snow we’re about to receive – may inappropriate snowpeople and sneak attacks with stockpiled fluffy ammo be in your future!



  1. Brian said,

    Whipped PB is good, although they don’t seem to have it at our local Giant.

    Given your baking list, clearly I need directions to your new place. 😛

    The Girl is also doing a Cookie-fest, albeit with a slightly less extensive baking list. The house is going to smell sooooooo good…

  2. vvk said,

    Hope the baking went well…

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