December 21, 2009


Posted in *cringe*, Advice I have no business giving, Darth Vaguer, Grief, Project: Fail, The Gnomes, The Happy, The Just a Little Sad, The Small and Petty, The Who, The Why, The WTF at 3:59 pm by Dagny Taggart

I give up.  I don’t know if it’s exhaustion from completing 19 of the recipes on my list, combined with present wrapping and last-minute shopping, plus a side of car-clearing.  It might just be that I’m tired.

Or, it could be that I’ve been filled with a sense of holiday spirit – a feeling that I’m trying to make other people’s lives better, that I’m trying to increase the overall amount of happiness in the world.

Likely, it’s a bit of both.

But I just want to give everyone a big hug and start with a fresh slate.

That’s all I want for Christmas this year, for everyone.  Can we have a fresh slate, please?



  1. vvk said,

    *big hug*… 🙂

  2. vvk: That’s exactly what I meant! Big hugs all around. 😀

  3. ok so id stand in line for that *hug* right about now!

  4. suicide_blond: Well, you can certainly have one from me. {hug}

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