December 28, 2009


Posted in Nerdiness, The Happy at 9:15 am by Dagny Taggart

…the best gift I got this year was part of the down payment on my condo.  Obviously.

But running a surprisingly close second, are these adorable fingerless glove/handwarmer thingies that I’m about to put on right now, because my building is always cold.  Always.

And yes, I was fortunate to receive some other very thoughtful gifts, gifts that clearly had thought and effort behind them.  But these?  These not ONLY have thought behind them, and evidence concern for my well-being on the part of the giver, but they have a pretty awesome, and likely unintentional, side benefit. 

They remind me of one of my favorite hilarious movie quotes from a movie that would never be classified as a comedy.  Why, you might ask?

Because they’re argyle

Makes me giggle every time I look at them, which is a pretty awesome thing, when one is trapped in the office.


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  1. LiLu said,

    I think my favorite “little” present this year HAS to be my fingerless gloves… with an attached flap that can be pulled over to make them mittens. LOVE.

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